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Dream symbols - fault

Fault dreams will often occur when "fault", "blame" or "guilt" has been a theme within your thoughts recently.

FAULT IN DREAMS :What is the symbolic meaning of "fault" and "blame" in dreams? How would we go about interpreting such dreams? This website has hundreds of dreams which we feel are linked to some strong feeling or situation in the dreamers life. By studying these dreams we can really start to understand how dreams work. Dream analysis is very much a practical skill. So try reading this dream.

THE DREAM I was the passenger in a car, and the car kept losing speed because of some power loss that for some reason was my fault or responsibility, suddenly it would regain power and speed up again (for no reason) until it lost power again. Then the road turned into a dirt road, and we were sure we were lost (male driver, whom I don't know) From dirt road it turned into a dirt trail, and finally into a dirt path, so we stopped to try to figure out where we were. At that time I heard shots fired, and saw many horses (or donkeys, don't know) that were being chased by cowboys who were shooting and making them run and stampede in our direction. As they got closer I noticed the "cowboy horses" had the saddle and were doing the chasing, but there were no cowboys, there was nobody riding these horses. Eventually the chased horses stampeded into some very high and pointy sand dunes were they got stuck and could no longer run. At that moment I woke up

The object of this website is to show how dreams link into ordinary day to day feelings. Dreams will represent the kind of feelings that we might write in a diary. Dreams will not represent anything that you do not already know. Its a bit of a fallacy that dreams represent unconscious thoughts and feelings. They can represent unpleasant truths but they are not really symbolic of feelings that we are not aware of.

The dream that were mentioned above took place as the dreamer was about to lose his job. The company was closing down. So what key feeling would this dream represent?

The dream does deal with the issue of fault and blame. The power loss is somehow the dreamers fault. Often fault in a dream may somehow tap into an issue where fault has been a theme in some way. If something happens like this in real life - if your company closes down - then obviously you look around for the cause. Sometimes you even blame yourself - you became unemployed and somehow its your fault. It totally disrupts your life and somehow you blame yourself.

How could the stampeding horses link into this situation. How could they be a metaphor for the dreamers company closing down? Well when a company closes people are fearing the worst. That's a similar situation to a horse fearing the worst and therefore bolting. It somehow sets off a chain reaction and all the horses bolt. A firm going bust is almost like an avalanche. After a certain point its all inevitable.

Dreams can translate into exact thought processes but there are not really enough clues here to see exactly what thought process this translates into. Of course, blame and fault is an issue when big things happen. We like to analyse why something happened. We have a post mortem. Its almost like we need to know what caused something to establish if we could have stopped it occurring. So like with any big issue the dreams meaning simply asks the question – “Why did this happen! I need to know!”.

But we can guess at the types of questions arising in the mind which could be linked to a "fault" dream. It could deal with the following themes - "why did this happen?", "I couldn't have done anything?", "we are all talking about it and wondering just why it happened","I get the feeling that people are blaming me but its really something beyond my control?" or "I feel guilty about the little things that I did which might have contributed to the firm going bust".

This fault dream is much easier to understand.

THE DREAM - I am at the beach. I am angry because there is a traffic jam. I am talking with this man and complaining that its all the fault of the government and then I point to this aqueduct type thing. The water is been lifted up and down in this aqueduct type thing.

The day before this happened the dreamer was annoyed waiting in a Government office. He was frustrated at how long it all took. Its easy to see how this dream taps into some key feeling about this real life bureaucratic problem the day before. The traffic jam was an obvious symbol for a delay - it was a metaphor for his long wait the day before. The feelings of blame firmly show the dreams meaning. It shows that he was feeling this type of emotion - "People shouldn't have to wait that long - its all wrong!" The dream was quite literal - it was the fault of the Government! Normally he might accept people's excuses for delays but here he felt it was unacceptable.

So the dream just tapped into these feelings of frustration and clarity in the dreamers mind as he knew that such treatment was wrong.

The following dream is quite sad. It occurred shortly after the dreamers son had died. The day before she had talked about his drug taking - he occasionally took recreational drugs. She also talked about his lack of focus - how he could not focus for more than two hours. She also talked about his creativity, his kind nature, his good company, his intelligence, and we about why he never reached his potential, never really found himself. People were talking frankly about him.

Its quite clear to see how the dream is connected to the dreamers thoughts about her recently deceased son. Many dreams are about how we should behave. They focus in on how we could have done something better. In this case the dream maybe focuses in on the dreamers thoughts about the people she talked with. The dream arose out of questions that she was asking in relation to this very frank discussion about her son e.g. "I needed to talk frankly about him - warts and all", "Were the things that people said appropriate?", "it's difficult talking about the dead - you should never speak ill of the dead" and "I wonder if people were hinting at my sons faults".

So clearly this dream was triggered by the conversations the day before about her deceased son. It was such a tricky subject and so difficult to say things in appropriate way. But in some ways you do not honour a person unless you talk openly and honestly about them. Underpinning this whole issue are questions like "did he deserve to die?" Its so difficult to talk about the dead - you can never quite get it right. If you talk honestly about something then you have to be very careful to say things which do not offend people.

Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that FAULT in practice captures the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "Its not fair that they BLAME me for that"
- "Its not how it happened!"
- "I wonder if I could have PREVENTED it in anyway? Is it me?"
- "I think I know precisely what has been going wrong and how I can improve matters"
- "I think things are clearer in my mind now"

Blame in dreams may simply mean that you are thinking over something that has gone wrong and working out who is at fault. The story in the dream may seem totally unrelated to issue you are at fault with but if blame features in the dream it can link to the issue. In a wider sense we may be thinking over what has generally been going wrong and how we can put our life back on tracks. If we can pinpoint what has been going wrong then we can put things right. So as we review through the day before we can make things clearer in our minds.

DREAM WORK - try to think how the dream could relate to your feelings(especially the day before?)
1. Did someone try to blame you for something that went wrong yesterday?
2. Have you been thinking over why or how something happened the day before?
3. Have you been trying to make things clearer in your mind? Have you been trying to pinpoint why you are unhappy or why some emotional relationship is not working?