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Dream symbols - fence

In practice we know that fence dreams will link to certain themes appearing in your thoughts. Fences are linked to words like "barrier", "separation" and "rules". So when you have been thinking about how "you hate the rules which prevent you from doing as you please" then the fence hints at this. The fence represents the "no go area" and all the things that you are not allowed to do.

- "territory" (Think of thought processes which involve territorial issues. Your dream may link to these. A fence is a way of defining a territory. A fence dream may link to any dream where "territory" is an issue such as "My new boss is stamping his authority on his territory" or "He does not like me doing the electrical work as that's his territory". The fence will be the way the way that the mind focuses on this idea of "territory")
- "protecting" (Fences are barriers and so a fence is cold link to any issue involving protection. Think of thought processes like "If I am going to complain I will need to feel protected by the system" or "They are too strong and protected" or "I want to show her how I would protect her")
- "missing someone" (Fences hint at separation so if you are missing someone then then the fence could depict that feeling)
- "separation" (Are you separated from someone right now? Are you unable to do something right now because of where you are?)
- "inappropriate" (Fences are linked to any no go area. A "no go area" is just another way of saying "inappropriate". So a fence dream may occur if you have been thinking how appropriate or inappropriate something is. A fence dream could easily be triggered if you were thinking "He really does not like people talking about his past" and the fence is a symbol for that issue being "fenced off" and "inappropriate". )
- "barriers" ()
- "limitations" (A fence is a barrier and so links into other words associated with barriers such as "limitations".)
- "rules and constraints" (A fence stops people from doing things. If they want to get in they have to climb the fence or go through a gate. Fences often keep people out! So fences in dreams will link by association with all rule and constraints. A fence dream could therefore have been triggered by a thought like "I hate all these new rules" and the fence is a symbol for these new constraints. Its just an abstract way of referring to the same thing. )