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Dream symbols - final

Simply ask yourself: What has just ended? What do you want to end? What are you reluctant to end?

KEYWORDS LINKED TO FINAL DREAMS - "wish to end" (Dreams may seem dramatic but they tap into very real issues in the here and now. Your dramatic "final" dream reveal your wish to end something. Perhaps lots of things are getting in the way but you cannot make the final decision or you are simply stuck with something that you do not want)
- "reluctant to accept" (Dreams tap into key feelings. So what could a "final" dream hint at? In practice final dreams can show that you are finding it difficult to accept something? Perhaps a relationship has ended and you just cannot accept it? Your mind knows you need to move on but emotionally you cannot accept this)
- "finish" (your dream may just mark the completion of some task. Maybe you have been thinking over the time it took you? Maybe you have been thinking about what needs to be done next? What seems to have taken a log time? What process is in its final stages?)