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Dream symbols - finish

FINISH IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "finish" dream may simply translate into the words "wanting help" and the dream capture an everyday thought such as "I really really did not know how much needs doing. I think I really need help". Dreams often seem so irrelevant and bizarre yet once you know how to interpret them you will see how they capture thoughts which you might write down in a diary or tell a best friend.

In practice finish dreams have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list. Try to think up sentences which use words in the list and which also capture your key feelings right now.
- "wanting help" (Are you wanting to finish something off? Have you started to realise that you need help from others. Therefore your finish dream will be linked to that need to seek help of others. The story in the dream shows how things could be "if you had help" - you would instantly finish off)
- "gone on too long" ()
- "unprepared" (Are you starting to realise how unprepared you are for something? That you cannot finish something off?)
- "should this continue?" (Often we ask ourselves questions about things in our lives. We say "should this relationship continue?" or "Am I wasting my time?" A finish dream shows how these questions are dominating your mind and you are realising that you might be wasting your time.)
- "try harder" (Dreams are often like short plays which portray some key feelings. A "finish" dream may show that you realise that you need to "try harder.")
- "try again" (Dreams tell us about how we are relating to problems in our life. Fnishing off something in a dream may show that you have decided to "try again." Your dream may link to the new eagerness which you have for this task.)
- "this needs to end" (Dream meanings are not linked to the symbol itself. Often dreams symbols link to associated feelings. A "finish" dream may show that you are realising that you have to finish something because its gone on far too long. The dreams meaning is about that realisation.)
- "readiness" (Dreams are like stories which convey our emotions. If someone finishes something in a dream then it may hint that they have a great enthusiasm and they are ready to get stuck in)
- "its over!" (A dream shows your key feelings. A dream may show that you have come to a new conclusion on something. That you are saying to yourself "It's over!" Your dream may bare no relation to the real life issue where you want to "finish" - instead your mind is focusing on the theme of "finishing".)
If dreams are about your thoughts or feelings then what could finishing represent? Studies have shown that dreams when something is finished could represent many things. Think of what you are trying to achieve.. how prepared you are and able to achieve such goals... and ways in which you are needing to try harder. So dreams about finishing could represent your motivations and willingness to achieve a goal and your ability to complete some task. See how the quotes above capture themes in your thinking... especially from the day before.

The following list shows dreams on this site which all featured FINISHING or similar symbols.