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Dream symbols - fire

FIRES IN DREAMS :Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that the fire in practice capture the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "crisis" (A fire is a crisis and as such it can be a symbol for any crisis. Quite often fire dreams may convey the feeling "we need to give this immediate attention" or "they are not treating this seriously. Its a crisis!")
- "something lost suddenly" ()
- "fever" "sweating" (Fire can be a symbol for overheating. If you were in a fever in bed and burning up then a fire dream could express this feeling of "buring up". We say "he is on fire" or "she is on fire" and such dreams may link to such metaphors)
- "ability to cope with danger" (Dreams are often create a story which expresses certain feelings. A man who has a fire dream where a woman he is attracted is in danger could be a vehicle to express a feeling like "I love her and would do anything to save her" or simply "I wish I could be her hero")
- "bitter confrontation" (We say "he had fire in his eyes" and dreams may link to such metaphors)