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Dream symbols - gamble

Dream symbols are not so important by themselves - their meaning is linked to the emotions and situations which they are associated with. If the gambling appears seedy then your dream is making a point such as "he is seedy" or "I worry that I appear as a bit of a shady character"

GAMBLING IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a gambler dream may simply capture your feeling that "I have got to take a chance with this new business" and so the gambler may translate into the word "risky" as new businesses always involve a great deal of risk.

- "take a chance" (Gambling always involves taking a chance. You are aware that things might work out but you are also aware that you may fail)
- "risky" (Gambling is inherently risky - so it could symbolise any risky behaviour)
- "being able to predict accurately" (If you feel you are confidently able to predict something that others find baffling then beating the bookmaker is an excellent metaphor)
- "lying" (Lying involves gambling because you gamble on not being "found out")
- "seedy" (gambling is linked to all kinds of seedy behaviour. It maybe your minds way of saying someone is seedy untrustworthy and you should not mix with them)

Now try to see how words in this list feature in your thoughts. Think of the things that you write down in a diary or tell a friend. Its likely that dreams translate into conscious thoughts that you are all too aware of - nowadays not many people believe in the unconscious mind. If any of the thoughts that you have seem to feature words on the list then its likely that the dream could link to that thought - it may even portray that exact thought process. So if you have been feeling that "I lied to my boss yesterday. I think I can get away with it" then the gambler is an excellent metaphor for that willingness to take a risk.

Here is how to interpret a dream. First look through the words and phrases here such "risky" or "shady." Then try to see how any of these words have a relevance in your life. Right down some quotes which use these words and phrases. So if you were thinking how "I just cannot afford to take risks with her. This relationship simply cannot go wrong" then risky behaviour is potentially the symbolic meaning of gambling in your dream.