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Dream symbols - getaway

GET AWAY IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "get away" dream may simply translate into a word such as "resist" and the dream captures the feeling that "he definitely tried to impose his ideas on me and I have resisted". In that way the dream just uses "get away" in its wider meaning.

- "situation you cannot control" (Is some problem spiralling out of control? Is it becoming an emotional battle coping with something?)
- "resolve problems" (what problems need resolving right now? What is causing you tension right now?)
- "realise consequences" (Were you thinking of doing something which you fear might cause problems? Do you fear stirring up tension?)
- "stop someone taking advantage" (Is someone trying to get away with something? Do you feel as if you are being taken advantage of?)
- "resist" (have you attempted to resist someone? Has someone been very overbearing?)
- "break rules" (What rules did you get away with yesterday? What has someone tried to blatantly get away with?)
- "overcome" (Dreams depict the struggles within our lives so a dream where you are overcoming some struggle shows your emotional battle with some problem)
- "avoid" (who are you trying to get away from? Who did you avoid yesterday?)