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Dream symbols - grab

It is surprising how much you can link to something simple like grabbing in a dream. Grabbing dream may link to other words such as "irresponsible, reckless and immature behaviour." If someone has been irresponsible or reckless then the grabbing in a dream may hint at the dream being about that very issue. Then you can look for other connections to that issue

GRABBING IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "grabbing" dream may translate into a word such as "determined". In that way your dream picks out one features of grabbing - people who grab can be very determined. Think of some way in which the word "determined" would apply to the previous day and you might start to understand the dream.

Here is the full list of simple key words and phrases which link to grabbing dreams. Try to think which of these are relevant in your life right now. If you can think of anything then your dream may simply tap into that theme within your life at the moment.

- "insistent" (People who grab can be very worked up and insistent. Your dream maybe recording the fact that someone was "insistent" yesterday. Maybe you are wondering how to combat that insistence? Maybe it was you who was insistent?)
- "determined" (Grabbing could often reveal someones determination. Maybe you have just noted someone's strong feelings and and realise that you need to combat this determination? Maybe you were determined yourself or you realise that you need to be more determined?)
- "a fear something bad could happen" (Grabbing in real life will be linked to certain types of behaviour. People who grab will often do so because they are dealing with a certain type of situation or they are in a particular frame of mind. Grabbing hints at nervousness and may simply be your minds way of saying "I am very nervous about this and fear something bad could happen". So if you did feel tension and feared things going wrong then the root cause of the grabbing in the dream maybe those nerves. So we could deduce from that that someone has been "feeling tense because they fears things may go badly wrong". They maybe recognising that tension and trying to control it)
- "forthright" (With certain actions we reveal our emotions. A person who grabs can reveal there determination and forthright attitude towards something)
- "trying hard" (Grabbing can be your minds way of saying "I have been trying really hard". That's because grabbing hints at your willingness to do as much as possible)
- "worried about someone" (At the heart of any grabbing dream maybe your anxiety about someone. Certain actions in dreams give away certain emotions. Grabbing maybe your minds way of expressing that anxiety and worry)
Studies of grabbing dreams show that they can occur when you feel sulky. Why? Because sulking is associated with impulsive behaviour and heightened emotions. Grabbing is just one example of such impulsive behaviour

- "having lots of energy for something" (We associate grabbing with all sorts of things. Grabbing dreams may help us build up a picture of how you are feeling and reacting to a situation. If you have lots of energy then that excess energy may result in you grabbing and pushing. We maybe able to deduce from this a feeling such as "I simply cannot wait to get started. I know I was too eager and I need to calm down if I am to think properly")
- "abusive behaviour" (Grabbing someone is one step short of forcing them. This can hint at someone's abusive tendencies)
- "an emergency" (A grabbing dream maybe your minds way of saying "it was an emergency and I needed to act. I simply did what was needed to be done")
- "irresponsible, reckless and immature behaviour" (A dream of grabbing does not usually mean that you saw someone grab something the day before. Actually the grabbing reveals that persons state of mind - a person who grabs is the type of person who is behaving recklessly and immaturely. Your dream maybe records this type of feeling - "he simply did what he did without thinking.")
- "prevent bad behaviour" (Did the person grabbing seem to be trying to stop you or others? If so then the dream may link to your wish to prevent something. If you were trying to prevent bad behaviour then it may relate to that)
- "getting your own way" (In dreams we think about peoples body language and try to sense their state of mind. If someone grabs in a dream it may hint at their selfishness and wish to get their own way. If you can think of any type of situation which relates to this type of feeling then its possible that your dream was about that.)
- "selfishness" (Grabbing can hint that someone is trying to get their own way and is trying to force their wishes upon others.)
- "general tension" (Grabbing in a dream may just be your minds way of saying "there is a lot of tension". This maybe linked to your need to defuse the situation.)
- "escape" (grabbing maybe your minds way of saying "he tried to talk to me but I managed to get away from him")
- "a need to act immediately" (Have you started to realise that something needs doing immediately? Has action been forced upon you? Grabbing may hint at this need to act immediately)
- "an urge to do something" (If you have an urge to do something then you simply will not wait you will grab. A grabbing dream may simply be caused by these urges inside you which you are finding difficult to control)
- "aggressive and dangerous situation" (Grabbing can often hint at heightened tension and an aggressive situation. If a situation is worrying you because of the underlying tension and volatility then its likely that this symbolic meaning applies. The grabbing expresses that underlying tension)
- "uncaring" (We can deduce certain things from a dream. If someone is trying to explain something then it could capture the feeling "he really cares and was trying to show what he did was for the best" whilst a grabbing dream may hint at someone's lack of care. If someone grabs they do not care about your feelings they simply wish to impose something on you. So we can guess that a grabbing dream links to someone's lack of care and insistence on getting what they want. Many dreams explore real life situations and try to read peoples behaviour and motives. )
- "sulking" (are you feeling undervalued and exploited? Are you upset that you are not getting your own way? A grabbing dream may express that sulkiness.)
- "a difficult relationship" (Is a relationship causing constant tension?)
- "intense desire" (A dream about grabbing may suggest that you have sensed someone's desire for something. If you really want something then you grab it for all you are worth)
- "pressurising" (Grabbing can hint at someone's aggressiveness and show that you feel very pressured. If you are doing the grabbing it may reveal show that you are putting pressure on someone else.)
- "wish to resist" (Grabbing can be linked to any heated situation and maybe your minds way of describing your own wish to resist. It could capture this type of feeling - "I grabbed him and told him he would not be doing what he did again")
- "impatience" (Our actions link to our body language. If you grab it may suggest that you are becoming too impatient)

It is a fallacy that dreams link to unconscious feelings. Most dreams capture thoughts that you are all too aware of. Most dreams would translate into the types of thoughts on the tip of your tongue, the types of things that you would write in a diary or tell a best friend. These thoughts would pinpoint your key feeling about some important situation happening right now or some thought about life in general. For instance a dream where a guy at work grabs the dreamer represented his sexual harassment of her. By grabbing her he is pushing his sexual feelings onto her. Grabbing was symbolic of his lack of respect for her sexually. People who grab do not respect peoples personal space. So really in grabbing her in the dream this just translates into this exact feeling - "he does not respect me and is constantly sexually harassing me".

By analysing the dream symbols and looking for ways in which the dream mind represents these thoughts you can show how dreams represent very sophisticated thoughts and feelings. Take the following dream - "I was a little girl trying to grab a sword to fight a monster". In real life the dreamer was annoyed by her boyfriend who was auditioning for American Idol. His ego was completely out of control and his family were indulging his every wish treating him like a king. The dream merely plays out this situation but in the form of symbols. The little girl represents the dreamer who feels like a little girl who is powerless to stop things. Grabbing the sword represents her wish to resist his out of control ego. The monster is a symbol of this ego out of control. We know what is happening in the dreamers mind and so we can guess at what the dream minds and how each symbol is linked to reality.