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Dream symbols - grandfather

GRANDFATHER IN DREAMS :Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that GRANDFATHERS in practice capture the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "feeling old and tired" (Old people are more prone to ill health - they discuss with each other all their ailments. They often complain of being tired. A grandfather dream will often occur when you feel old and tired. )
- "experienced" (Dreams do not use words they use images to express ideas. So an old person is an abstract way of referring to "experience". The Chinese and eastern cultures often link age with wisdom. So if you have a grandfather dream it may refer to any issue involving wisdom - or indeed a lack of wisdom (as someone who has been stupid needs to learn how to be wiser. )
- "time passing" (The mind is very strange and the dream mind especially so. An old person dream may be the minds way of expressing "time passing". Think of any way in which the "passage of time" has been crucial or central to some thought e.g. "I think it's time to forgive" or "It's been a long time - may be I should try again".)
- "too long" (Did something take an eternity to get done yesterday? )
- "taking your time" (We can often be sarcastic and say things like "I'll be a pensioner by the time he gets that bathroom door fixed." Dreams can depict such thoughts as this in a similar way. Just meditate on the phrase "taking your time". Clearly grandfathers and old people in dreams can link to such a theme so simply ask yourself where that appears in your thoughts. If you can think of nothing then may be the "grandfather" has a different symbolic meaning. Have thought processes like "I should take my time making that decision" or "there is no rush" been central in your thinking? If so then this issue is may be depicted in this abstract way.)