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Dream symbols - guy

Men in dreams (especially unknown men) could hint that male emotions are featuring in your life at the moment. Think how male emotions such as pushiness, aggression, determination and control feature in your thoughts right now.

GUYS IN DREAMS:Dreams may seem very confusing but they portray feelings and emotions. In practice men are more forceful and pushy and dreams link into themes like that. Men in dreams could easily translate into the word 'pushy' so think how that word and other words similar to that have been relevant in your thoughts. If you were thinking how 'pushy' someone was yesterday then the man could play out your worst feelings about that person.

In practice men in dreams have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list.
- "LACK OF COMMUNICATION" (Men are associated with the male tendency to keep your feelings to yourself. So a man in dream may link to such a theme appearing iin your life eg "He is simply not talking to me" or "there is a real communication probelm in our team and thats where we are failing")
- "ASSERTING YOURSELF" (Asserting yourself is something that we associate with men more than women. Its a male trait. This could link to positive thoughts and feelings as you are trying to take control and rescue a situation. People asserting themselves in a dream could easily play out the negative thoughts that you have about others who are taking control and forcing their opinions on others. )
- "FORCING THE PACE" (Men are often faster paced and impatient than women. So men in a dream may be your minds way of referring to thoughts and feelings which feature such a theme eg "I need to force the pace" or "I have a tendency to force the pace" or even more complex thoughts such as "going at a faster pace does not ensure success")
- "A BUSY DAY" ()
- "STUBBORN" (Was someone stubborn yesterday? Were you thinking about how stubborn someone is last night? Think how you might have used the word stubborn yesterday and the dream may link to your thoughts surrounding his theme. For instance if you were thinking how stubborn people always get their own way then any dream involving stubborn people could be pinpointing that theme in your mind. The dream is playing out the importance of this theme in your thoughts right now.)
- "ARROGANCE" (Men tend to be associated with stubborness and arrogance. So a man in a dream may simply mean that your arrogant side was prominent yesterday. The "man" may equally be a symbol for someone else's arrogance. )< br> - "TERRITORIAL BATTLES" (Battles over territory are traditionally something we associate with men so if this theme has featured in your thoughts then its possible that your dream has portrayed the importance of this theme. In this way your dream may be linked to thoughts like "he always takes control", "we need to defend our territory" or "she has started taking over some of my responsibilities." If you have had any thoughts like that then your dream could be playing out those themes. )
- "FRUSTRATIONS AND DELAYS" (Women are more harmonious and relaxed generally and men are associated with difficulties and problems. So a man in a dream may link to delays as you feel a lack of harmony)