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Dream symbols - happy

Emotional dreams are often easy to understand. A happy dream may simply show you were in a happy mood last night.

FEELING HAPPY IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. Feeling happy in a dream may simply capture some recent thought like "I woke up feeling in a good mood", or "He seems happier now he has got something to do".

KEYWORDS LINKED TO HAPPY DREAMS In practice happy dreams have common triggers and you can translate their meaning into key words and phrases. The full list of these phrases appears below. Try to think how these keywords feature in your thoughts right now. If an important new feeling or thought about yesterday features any of these words then its likely that thought which triggered your dream.
- "feeling positive about the future" (We can only really be happy if we feel settled and feeling positive about the future. A happy dream may mark a moment when you feel much more secure and settled about the future. Have you started to feel more settled? Has someone close to you suddenly started feeling more positive about the future?)
- "wanting to be happy" (Do you tend to be very pessimistic? At certain times your dreams will mark moments when you try to break out of those moods. Unhappy people will try feel happier. A happy dream may spark your attempts to claw your way out of a rut. Have you been thinking about what would make you happy? Have you been thinking about what life would be life without certain problems or responsibilities? Have you been thinking about how to clear some tension?)
Dreams are in the here and now. Your moods constantly change. A happy dream may simply mean that when you went to sleep you were in a good mood and this influenced your dream.

- "woke up elated" (Dreams can simply tap into new moods. If you wake up with a strong emotion then your dream may also have featured that exact same emotion. Did you wake up feeling elated? Your dream may simply mean that "I woke up feeling elated". Your dreams detect these strong emotions and seem to give a dream which features the same emotions. The plot may not bear any resemblance to real life but the dream simply showcases that self same emotion)
- "feeling OK about a major change" (Dreams pinpoint key moments in your thinking and a happy dream may link to you feeling much more settled about some major changes.)
- "good news" (Did you receive some good news? If so then your dream simply means finds an outlet during sleep for all the happy feelings. Have you been expecting some good news? If so your mind is picturing the good news to come. The mind is very suggestive and if you feel positive then the effects transmit into your dreams. Your dream simply captures the optimism)
- "a happy holiday" (Have you just had a happy holiday? Have you just had a good long relaxing break? Any change of scenery will help refresh you)
- "fond memories" (have you been thinking about some good times in the past? Were you looking at some old photos which reminded you of fond memories? The dream mind is highly suggestive. Once started off we start to relive past times as if they are happening right now. Your dreams could link to these memories as they flood back and spill over into dreams)
Your happy dream may seem totally unrelated to real life. The story line in it may seem completely bizarre. But if you are happy in a dream and happy in real life the two are connected.
- "spiritually uplifted" (Dreams will capture real high points in our emotions. If you felt on top of the world yesterday and spiritually contented then your dream may feature some of those positive feelings)
- "growing as a person" (Do you feel you have been growing as a person? A happy dream may occur at crucial times when we grow as people. Did you suddenly feel much stronger as a person yesterday?)
- "settled relationship" (if you feel more settled about the world then we can start to truly feel happy. So the root cause of a happy dream maybe the a more settled relationship? Have you just sorted out some problems?)
- "content" (Dreams always have a trigger. Did you feel very contented yesterday? If so your dream was probably triggered by this strong mood. We like to mark moments of strong emotions within our memory and dreams can help us remember such strong feelings)
- "will something really make you happy" (Dreams are part of how we think about things deeply? Sometimes we want something but if we think about it seriously it will not make us happy.)
- "good mood" (Were you in a particularly good mood yesterday? If so then your dream captures these strong feelings as they try to find an outlet during sleep. Strong emotions spill over into dreams a little like a cup overflowing with liquid. Was someone close to you in a very good mood? If so your dream may have marked this special moment)
- "good new relationship" (Have you just formed a new friendship? If so then dreams will mark this key moment as your mind starts to realise this persons positive effects on you. This dream maybe marks a moment when you start to value this relationship and it will encourage you to cultivate this new friendship)

Dream symbols connect with emotions and scenarios which are similar. Happiness is related to words such as "content", "relaxed" and "settled." To understand your dream try to see how any of related feelings are relevant in your life right now.