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Dream symbols - hear

HEARING IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "hearing" dream may link to a day to day thought such as "I am trying to show him how much I care about him but he is just not taking it in". In that way a hearing dream uses hearing in the wider sense of the word where hearing means understanding and comprehending someone. So hearing is a symbol for not just the physical act of hearing but also the act of understanding.

HEARING DREAMS - "improving your communication with someone" (Have you been trying to express yourself better with someone? )
- "explaining your feelings" (Do you feel as if you are not getting through to someone? If so your dream maybe about your wish to explain yourself better. You may wish to clarify why you did something or what you want from the relationship. Do you feel as though you are communicating better with someone? If so then your dream maybe about this new turning point)
- "comprehending" (We often say "have you heard me" when in fact we mean "have you understood what I have said". dreams will often use these wider usages of words. Dream symbols will often use words in as wide a way as we use the self same words e.g. "hear")
- "feeling guilty" (if you are feeling guilty then you imagine all sorts of things that people are saying. You wonder what they have been saying about you. This will often appear as overhearing in dreams - as you would not expect people to say the truth if they knew you were there).br>- "consideration" (often we try to put ourselves in others shoes and think how they are thinking. In such cases this may appear as over hearing. In such a way you will learn how they truly think.