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Dream symbols - heights

HEIGHTS IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "heights" dream may simply capture a feeling such as "I am really scared doing that". Your dream simply uses one fear to express your fears about something else.

Dreams are metaphors. So a dream where you are scared of heights is often merely a symbol for any other situation where you feel scared out of your mind.

HEIGHTS DREAMS - "lack of confidence" (Did you have a complete lack of confidence yesterday? Do you suffer from confidence problems? A fear in a dream may symbolise anything in life where you feel equivalent fear, so a dream about a fear of heights may link to anything that was scaring you yesterday.)
- "intimidated" (Did you feel intimidated by someone yesterday? Do you feel intimidated by a group of people or place which you go to? Think of the fear of heights and then think of that continuous sense of fear in real life - does you dream capture a identical level of fear? At the heart of the dream is a comparison - its like saying "talking to him really scared me. I felt like I was standing on top of a skyscraper looking down".)
- "nervous" (Do you suffer from terrible nerves? Are you worried about something in particular which is coming up?)
- "fear of confrontation" (Has someone been very confrontational at work? Do you fear your next meeting with someone?)
- "social phobias" (Do you suffer from severe phobias and anxiety attacks? Did you have an anxiety attack yesterday?)
- "fear doing something" (Were you worried all last night because you are due to do something which is scaring you? Dreams like these can express your fears about upcoming matters)
- "out of depth" (Did you feel out of your depth yesterday? Heights in dreams may link to anything which is testing you or stretching your abilities. It may link to you mixing with people who are more able or more wealthy than you. Your dream may simply show your nerves meeting such people.)

Think about the words and phrases above and try to see how the fear of heights is linked to your current state of mind. Think of any connection with the themes above. A dream may approach a symbol from any point of view. It may simply capture your fear of doing something. It may capture you thinking through your feelings of fear and trying to manage them. So if you have been thinking about meeting someone who scares you in some way but you feel you can cope then your dream probably captures that feeling that you can cope.

Here is how to interpret a dream. First look at the various words and phrases listed here such as "intimidated" and try to see how they are relevant in your life right now. If you had been worried the night before because "my neighbour has been intimidating me and complaining about anything" then its likely that your "heights" dream and its symbolism is linked to the word "intimidating." But you can also guess at the dreams meaning by picking out a key thought which uses this word. So if you had been thinking "I want to get on with my gardening but cannot go out because I feel intimidated by my neighbour" then its likely that the dream links to that precise thought process.