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Dream symbols - helicopter

HELICOPTERS IN DREAMS : Helicopters take off and get to their destination so many helicopter dreams link to themes like ambitions, hopes, priorities and plans which you always want to take off very quickly.

- "plans taking off" "ambitions"(we use the phrase "his plans are taking off" to describe someone's hopes being realised. Dreams use this in a similar way)
- "priorities"(This has a similar meaning to the above. Helicopters get there quickly and priorities are things that we hope to do quickly)
- "happens quickly"(Some helicopter dreams can link to something that happens very quickly. Helicopters do everything quickly from take off, getting there and crashing. A helicopter could therefore be your minds way of saying "that happened very quickly" )
- "executives" "high flyers"(We associate helicopters with rich businessmen and executives. Therefore a helicopter dream could link to any thoughts which feature rich businessmen in any way such as "I had fantasies about being a business high flyer last night" or "John is mixing with some very rich business types recently")

Dreams represent our thoughts and feelings. Most thought processes or feelings can be reduced to a small quote like those listed bellow. Those listed here could all be linked to "helicopters" in dreams. Try to see how the symbolism of "helicopters" translates into very real feelings.

- "get moving QUICKLY on this"
- "get a project STARTED"
- "a change in PRIORITIES"
- "it could happen very QUICKLY"
- "very SUDDEN"
- "I am going to travel by helicopter very soon and need to make preparations"