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Dream symbols - hide

Think of the wider ways you might use the word "hide" such as "hiding your feelings" or "hiding the truth"

HIDE IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "hiding" dream may simply capture an everyday thought such as "I really did not like him. I am going to try to avoid him tomorrow". In that way your dream picks out one features of hiding - .

In practice hiding dreams have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list. Try to think up quotes which use these key words and phrases. If you can think of some key thought or feeling then its possible that the dream captures that exact thought.
- "denial" (Are you unwilling to accept that a relationship is over? If you are in denial about something then you are "hiding" from the truth)
- "serious situation" (Have you just realised how serious a situation is? If so hiding suggests that you have been trying to avoid the problem but now it needs to be tackled head on.)
- "trying to avoid" (Dream metaphors may be very simple - a hiding dream may simply portray your attempts to avoid someone. Your dream probably links to some deeper thoughts about that person or simply your motives for avoiding them)
- "dangerous/difficult person" (People who hide are often just trying to get away from someone who is dangerous or difficult. Who would you like to hide from right now? If you can think of someone then its possibly linked to that
- "too much to handle" (if you have too much to handle then you may be inclined to hide away in a corner)
- "the truth" (The truth is often linked to hiding dreams. What does the phrase "the truth" mean to you right now? Are you hiding from the truth? Are people not recognising the truth? We can try to hide from the truth but eventually it will catch up with you)
- "need to achieve full potential" (Hiding in dreams may have some very abstract meanings.)
- "let yourself down" (Sometimes its yourself that you hide from. If you are not reaching your full potential then a hiding dream may show that you need to engage fully and achieve all your goals)
- "concealing something" (are you trying to hide something?)
- "lacking confidence" (if you lack confidence then you maybe tend to "hide away" generally)
- "dislike" (Who did you particularly dislike yesterday? If you can think of anyone your dream may simply represent your wish to avoid them)
- "painfully shy" (Hiding in dreams can be linked to phobias. If you are painfully shy and suffer from social phobias then you may tend to hide from the world)
Read through the words and phrases listed here as they are known to link to the symbolic meaning of hiding in dreams

- "pressure" (Were you under pressure yesterday? If so then this could be the trigger of your hiding dream)
- "annoying" (Our instinct is to hide from annoying people. Was someone particularly annoying yesterday?)
- "true intentions" (At the heart of a hiding dream maybe attempts to hide your true intentions. If you are trying to conceal anything then hiding may link to your wish to hide your true intentions)
- "abuse (Have you been abused by someone? If so the dream could link to your continued trauma)
- "harassed" (Hiding in a dream could be your minds way of saying "they really harassed me yesterday")
- "fear someone in authority" (Do you fear someone in authority? Have you been trying to get away with something at work and wish to avoid your boss? Hiding may link to this wish to do what you want and get away with some rule you have broken)
- "wanting support" (Hiding in a dream may link to your insecurities. Have you been wanting support or help with something?)