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Dream symbols - horse

The importance of a dream symbol is often in situations and emotions that we associate with them. So a horse is often linked to excitement and energy.

HORSES IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "horse" dream may simply translate into the word "passion" and the dream captures the feeling "I have so much passion for this."

In practice horses have several symbolic meanings. Try to think how the following words and phrases link into your feelings right now. Then try to write down sentences which capture your key feelings and intuitions right now.Here is the full list of key words.
- "passion/romance/spirit" (If you were just using images to express the words passion or romance then how would you do it? Well a horse would be one good way to express all of these related words. Its the perfect visual image to express all of these concepts. So your dream could relate in some way to passion or spirit. The horse could be about the renewed spirit. It could express someone's loss of passion and spirit. Your dreams are about your thoughts so think of how that theme features right now. If you are feeling a new passion then the dream is probably about that. If you have been thinking about someone's loss of passion then that's probably the link. Most dreams will be a symbolic version of actual thoughts which you are well aware of. Most dreams link to conscious thoughts - its a myth that dreams capture unconscious feelings. Instead a dream has a meaning that you are all too aware of)
- "wild and hedonistic" (Horses are excellent symbols for any wild and hedonistic actions. The horse is a wild and exciting creature but its also rather prone to danger and accidents. If it bolts then it gets itself into trouble. In this way it captures both the positive and negative aspects of hedonism)
- "unpredictable" (A horse is very unpredictable and volatile so your dream could express that idea. Think of a connection to such a theme. Here is an example of how the whole process works. A horse race is unpredictable and so can express any idea of unpredictability. The dream could relate specifically to something featuring that theme. One real horse race dream was triggered by the dreamer managing to make statistical predictions about something which others felt was just not possible. So the dream was about his mastery of a subject which others felt was inherently unpredictable (just like horse racing and betting).
- "elation/jubilation/exhilaration" (when we see a horse in full flow then we feel very positive thoughts. Its a glorious site and such moments capture the very essence of spirit and romance. We get such dreams when we are taken over with joy for the world. )
- "feeling nervous" (Dreams will often use animals to portray various human behaviours. Feeling nervous could be portrayed by timid and nervous creatures such as horses or deer. Such an animal may capture a precise behaviour such as "he ran at the first sign of danger". Was such a theme relevant in your thoughts yesterday?)
- "soul mate" (Horses are wonderfully inspiring creatures and a horse could be your minds way of expressing thoughts about a soul mate. What better a symbol than a horse charging as it represents pure energy and passion)
Dreams deal with themes and opposites. A horse could link to a feeling such as "he is so passionate" because horses are associated with passion and excitement. But a horse could also link to an opposite thought such as "he lacks passion" or "he used to be so passionate".

- "chaos" (We often think through pivotal moments in the day and a horse is an excellent symbol for chaos. just think of the very moment when a horse bolts. Try to think of something similar in your own life. A horse bolting and the resulting chaos could symbolise the precise moment when things go wrong. Think of the moment when a business goes bankrupt - the second when our nerves overtake us and from then on things descend into chaos.)
- "things going wrong" (A horse could be the minds way of saying that things could go wrong. That's because horses are very volatile and unpredictable. So how in practice would you use that phrase to describe an emotion from yesterday. If you can think of something then the dream may mean that. If you cannot your dream probably has some other symbolic meaning. Its a matter of searching through the different symbolic meanings and seeing which is most relevant)
- "volatile" (Dreams deal will themes. A feeling of volatility can be expressed in many different ways. The mind chooses just one symbol to express something but it could use several alternative metaphors. A horse is an excellent way of saying "the situation is very volatile" but a volcano can express the same feeling because that too is volatile.)
- "taking risks" (We can view the same symbol in two different ways. Do you need to be more cautious and less like the horse? Or do you need to take more risks and lead a more exciting life. Dreams deal with themes and also opposites. Asking yourself if you need to be more cautious is similar to asking if you need to take more risks. Its just asking the question from a different angle)
- "exciting" (If we were going to translate a horse dream into one word we would pick "excitement" as a horse symbolises pure energy and positivity. Your dream maybe linking to excitement in any way - it may capture your excitement from yesterday, it may be symbolic of your wish for excitement or your optimism about exciting times ahead)

In practice dreams symbols are a little like words. We can use them in as many contexts as we do normal words. For instance a horse dream can (amongst many others) link to the word "glorious". Dream symbol books tend to be very simplistic in that they will feature each symbol in just one context. For instance a dream about a horse means that you have just done something "glorious". In fact your dream may feature as many contexts as you can think. Think of every different usage of that word. True, your dream could translate into a thought such as "I had a glorious day" but it could also mean you were thinking about a "glorious" past. It could also be about someone else's "glorious" day or it could even be about a "glorious" mood within you which is based upon little else other than fantasy. The horse is juts indicative of a certain theme - something or someone glorious. The horse is merely your minds way of expressing that theme and the dream is linked to how your mind stores thought processes and emotions. A horse can also link to risk taking and that's a good example. So the same dream can have two opposite meanings. If a horse jumps a fence it can symbolise the wish to take risks and live a more exciting life. But turn that coin upside down and you could say that the dream represents a need for caution - the horse jumping the fence is a symbol of how things should not be done. Its the minds way of saying "I shouldn't take chances". In short the dream mind uses symbols in rich and complex ways and uses symbols in exactly the same way that our waking mind uses words. We cannot deduce simple messages from the mere appearance of a symbol.

Here is how to interpret a dream. If you had a dream about a glorious horse charging in an exciting and exhilarating way then just ignore the horse as a symbol. Simply concentrate on the words "glorious" and "exhilarating" and try to see how these words express some thought right now. Clearly the horse is simply a metaphor for a glorious feeling. It maybe that you had been talking to someone who has just got engaged to be married. The dream simply uses one as a metaphor for the other. The dream is saying "she was in a wonderful mood following her engagement - it was exciting to witness this" (it was as exciting as watching a beautiful horse).