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Dream symbols - huge

Research has shown that huge houses in dreams will often link to other people. The huge house is therefore a symbol of situations which are bigger than you - events which are beyond your control.

HUGE IN DREAMS :Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that HUGE in practice captures the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "I feel more able to TALK TO PEOPLE in general "
- "I want to meet PEOPLES EXPECTATIONS of me"
- "I really want to IMPRESS them"
- "I really cannot cope with this HEALTH issue"
- "I better not annoy her because..."
- "I am worried that I OFFENDED her"
- "I try to INFLUENCE their actions but..."
- "she was TRYING TO PRESSURE me"
- "It could have been a premonition of the day ahead"

Houses in dreams have long been associated with the self. They often refer to our personality and home life - they represent the very heart of our being. My own studies of dreams has been interesting and huge houses seem to have a specific meaning. If houses represent the self then large buildings tend to represent the wider world. Large houses represent the personalities of other people. They symbolise the impact that the wider world has on our own personalities. So that could link to the actions of other people or abstract things such as health issues. Huge houses signify the ways in which we are having to adapt to a world that is changing around us. In a similar way large houses can represent the impact that we have on other people. So large houses can represent the influence and pressure we try to put on others. So if you get a dream about a large building then try to think how you have been trying to shape the lives of others or how they have been pressuring you or forcing you to adapt in ways that are not natural to your own personality.