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Dream symbols - insane

Try to think of a quote which uses the word "insane" to describe your thoughts right now

INSANE IN DREAMS: Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that INSANE in practice captures the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

INSANE DREAMS Here is the full list of simple key words and phrases which link to insane dreams.
- "have I lost it?" (Have you been doubting your judgements? Does something simply not make sense? )
- "truly scary" (In practice dreams link into things which are similar. We might use the word "insane" to describe a real "fear" or "scary situation". Thats because fears link to situations which are not "normal". "Normal" life is stressfree and not scary)
- "wild and reckless" (When someone acts in a wild and reckless fashion we might say "you are mad")
- "wild fantasies"
- "Letting go of your INHIBITIONS" (when you do wild things you say "I am mad - I will do anything")
- "irrational behaviour" (If someone is acting irrationally then we might say they are mad!)
- "testing your patience" (Has someone been "driving you mad?")

Try to think of the wider meanings of insanity and how they feature in your life at present. Obviously, insanity may show that you are doubting your own judgements and ability to assess the world properly. You are literally doubting what you see and hear. Madness is often used as a way of capturing your doubts about your own and other peoples behaviour which you worry is wild and irrational.

DREAM WORK - answer the following questions to help you interpret your dream
1. Did someone act in a truly irrational, reckless or wild way yesterday?
2. Have you been worried about someones irresponsible behaviour?
3. Have you been having some wild fantasies?
4. Did someone do something truly scary yesterday?