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Dream symbols - jewel

Think of wider ways in which you use the word "jewel." We describe someone as a "jewel" or a "gem."

JEWELS IN DREAMS: Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that JEWEL in practice captures the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

In practice jewels have several symbolic meanings. Try to think how the following words and phrases link into your feelings right now. Then try to write down sentences which capture your key feelings and intuitions right now.Here is the full list of key words.
- "wealth" (Jewels are clearly an obvious symbol for wealth. If you have been thinking about your own wealth or lack of it then clearly jewels could represent this theme. Think of any thought process which connects in any way with this theme such as "he has got a lot of money", "I need to save more" or "I would like to give her some money as she is in great need right now.")
- "a person who is valued" (We say things such as "he is a gem" or "I could not not do without him." These type of jewel dreams could show that you have been realising just how important someone. You know that you can rely on them 100 percent)
- "special" (A dream of jewellery may simply be your minds way of expressing words such as "special" or "valued." Think of how these words feature in your thoughts right now. Your dream could express a thought such as "that was a special moment" or "it will be a special occasion." Your dream could also link to situations which are quite opposite - a jewellery dream could express a thought such as "I wish I was more special to him." )
- "talented" (Any valuable object could be symbolic of great talents. So if you were thinking how talented someone was last night then clearly any jewellery dream could be related to that thought process.)
- "commitment" (If someone gives you jewellery it shows their commitment for you. This of any issue which involves commitment. Clearly a jewellery dream could express a thought such as "I really feel committed to her" but it could also link to an opposite thought such as "he lacks commitment. He says he cares but I don't believe it." )
- "shallow" (Jewellery is linked to wealth and money but it also links to materialism. Your dream could link to any issue involving materialism such as "he is shallow and only values money" and "we need to think less of profits and more about communities and people.")
- "grateful" (Did you tell someone how supportive and helpful they have been? Have you started to realise how much help they give?)
- "important" (A jewellery dream could simply be your minds way of saying "That was an important moment")

DREAM WORK - Questions to help you interpret your dream
1. Who would you describe as a diamond?
2. Were you thinking about someone that you really value yesterday?
3. Were you thinking about money and wealth yesterday?