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Dream symbols - judge

If you have ever been before a judge you will know that they represent someone who has power over you and can force you to comply.

JUDGES IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "judge" dream may simply translate "power" and the dream captures the feeling "I hate how my employer could make a decision over my life". In that way the judge is pointing to the amount of power that a judge has over peoples lives as they make decisions which affect your life.

KEYWORDS LINKED TO JUDGE DREAMS - "power" (A criminal just has to stand in the dock and take what a judge says. This is an immense power to have over someone? Do you hate someone having an immense power over you? Has someone made a decision which really affects your life and which you really did not want? Has some change been imposed on you without any discussion?)
- "feeling guilty" (If you are feeling guilty then a judge could represent the fear that you will be found out or that people will point the finger at you. Have you been feeling guilty? Has this affected your thinking)
- "how to decide which is best" (Are you going to be the judge in some competition? Have you been thinking over why something is better than something else?)
- "blame" (Judges can appear in a wider sense in dreams. Inquiries can be very similar to courts of law. Are you involved in any legal cases? Have you been blamed for something and you are seeking to prove your innocence?)
- "improve" (Have you been trying to make something better? Have you a hobby which you wish to perform better in? Have you been trying to get the best out of yourself?)

What can we associate with a judge. Obviously we could link a judge to feelings such as "I feel judged" and "he makes me feel so guilty." Try to see the relevance of such feelings right now. If such a theme is important right now then the dream of the judge probably links to that exact feeling. But remember that a dream symbol just shows that a certain theme features in your life. A judge dream could mean that you "feel guilty" but it could also mean that "you hate being made to feel guilty."