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Dream symbols - junk

JUNK IN DREAMS: Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that JUNK in practice captures the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "not wanting to spend much time on something"(When you go into a junk shop you try to get something for nothing. You want to spend as little as possible. In practice this links in with other situations which tap into similar things such as "putting in as little effort as you can" or "achieving something without putting in much time or effort")
- "worthless" "lack of self confidence" (Rubbish in dreams could be a symbol for "worthless" and a deeper meaning is "lack of self confidence". Quite often people will say "rubbish" when they mean "inneffective" or "stupid". They say "I don't want him on my team - he is rubbish")
- "a waste of time" (Dreams link together things which do not seem to have any obvious connection. They are like bad poetry - a dream of a pile of rubbish may link to the phrase "that was a waste of time". So think of how you might have used that phrase to describe your thoughts as dreams often link into your key feelings eg "That was a waste of time", "I hate people who waste my time", "he cannot help wasting peoples time - it's not his fault" )
- "white trash" (People use the phrase "white trash" as a symbol for trashy people who lack any class. Think of how this theme may link to your dream eg "I am worried they see me as white trash" or "I hate her she is so white trash" or even "I don't care if they think I am white trash". )
- "unwanted" (In practical dream analysis you may link "junk" to associated words like "unwanted". Think of contexts in which you might use that word eg "he is unwanted", "They have just tossed me aside like a piece of junk - I am unwanted")
- "emotional problems" (Did you get dragged into someone else's emotional problems yesterday? If so that big pile of rubbish in a dream could be a metaphor for all their emotional crap that they are unloading on you.)
- "of no value" ()
- "discarded" ()
- "making something out of nothing" (Someone's junk is always of value to someone who wants it. Think of phrases which are related to that theme eg "My grandfather made a box out of some old bits of wood. It was amazing". The dream could link to the exact opposite thought "How can I make use of these. They are just rubbish. I CANNOT make something out of nothing" )
- "real junk" (Your dream could be using junk in a literal way. Have you been thinking about "junk"? Have you had thoughts like "I need to clean up my hallway its full of junk" or "My mother collects so much junk - it's like a disease".)