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Dream symbols - kill

We use the word kill in wider senses such as "we need to kill off their challenge." Think of these wider uses as your dream may link to these situations.

KILLING IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "murder" dream may translate into the words "react badly" and the dream maybe links to an issue where you feel someone will react badly. In one dream in our database a murder dream linked to the dreamer wanting to confront someone and get problems out into the open. He knew this may provoke a reaction. The dreamer felt that this friend might "murder him" (metaphorically speaking) as getting things out into the open may backfire and provoke a reaction rather than sort out the problems.

In practice murders have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list. Try to pick out words and phrases which relate to your life then try to write sentences using these which pinpoint your feelings right now.
- "fearing a bad reaction" (we often say "she will murder me" if she finds out. Its often a throw away comment which is not literally meant. The dream mind also uses this metaphor in the same way)
- "trying to make sense of people dying for no reason" (An unexpected death is difficult to understand. We often need time to adjust and to make sense of a death that takes place quite unexpected)
- "exaggerating how bad someone is" (We often use the term murderer to describe someone who is terrible. In practice this term gets overused and in a dream it maybe your minds way of saying "to hear her talk of him you would think he was a mass murderer". Have you started to think that someone has made an exaggerated claim about how bad someone was? Is someone not believing you about how bad someone is or listening to your legitimate concerns?)
A murder dream is a "deliberate and despicable" act. What do the words "deliberate and despicable" make you think of?

- "fearing the consequences of something" (We often use the term "he will murder us" and its often used to show how strongly someone will react when they find out. Whose reaction do you fear? Are you wanting to do something but scared to act because of the consequences you fear?)

Its a fallacy that dreams capture unconscious thoughts - dreams represent thoughts that we are all too aware of. A typical dream would translate into the types of thoughts that we might write down in a diary or tell a best friend. Dreams represent your key thoughts which pinpoint the problems right now. Try to write down some quotes which capture your feelings right now and try to include the words and phrases above. For instance one dreamer felt guilty that he had sexual feelings for a woman who was married. A dream about a murder being investigated was linked to his worries that this woman would react badly if he made his sexual feelings known or if she find out about them. So "murder" simply represented his metaphors for this - he felt that she "would murder him" if she found out. Murder was just a metaphor symbolising strong feelings - he did not literally think she would murder him.

Dreams can represent very sophisticated thoughts. In real life one dreamer disliked her boyfriends family. They were not so bad but she disliked being in their presence. Her boyfriend dismissed her fears and felt that she was exaggerating. The previous night she had a dream about going to her boyfriends families house and it was full of frenzied killers. She was trying to tell the police but they simply laughed at her. So its possible the dream caught her boyfriends feeling that she was exaggerating her fears and portraying his family as if they were crazy murderers. You could in fact translate the dream into this phrase - "my boyfriend thinks I am exaggerating and to hear me speak you would think his family were all crazed killers". So the dream deals with the dreamer trying to get across her concerns but finding her boyfriend not believing her.