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Dream symbols - lapdancer

Lap dancers in dreams have occurred whilst the dreamer has been worried about someone revealing the truth.

LAP DANCING IN DREAMS: Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that LAP DANCING in practice captures the following types of feelings. See how these words and phrases capture key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "revealing" "tempting" "tantalise"(Do you fear that someone is going to reveal some secrets? They are tantalising someone with the truth - telling them one bit at a time in the same way a lap dancer works her eager audience)
- "sexy" (A man may get a lap dancer dream when he is feeling sexually frustrated. If he is aroused on waking then its likely that the dream has this simple meaning. The dream simply plays out the dreamers desires)
- "sleazy" (Dreams will link to the things that we associate with each symbol. We associate lap dancers with sleaziness. Has someone slipped into sleaziness? Have you got a sleazy side? How would you use the word sleazy to describe your thoughts eg "I hate my husbands friend as he is so sleazy" )