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Dream symbols - laugh

LAUGHING IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "laughing" dream may simply capture the feeling that you feel someone is not taking you seriously. So laughing symbolises the feeling that others are laughing at you and dismissing your ideas as ridiculous. If that explanation fits right now then its likely that this is the symbolic meaning of the laughing in the dream.

If you have just had a laughing dream then its very likely that you could use one of the following words and phrases to describe your feelings or emotions right now.
- "good mood" (Dreams can have simple explanations. They monitor our moods so laughing in a dream may simply be a recognition of how well yesterday went)
- "wanting to have fun" (Dreams can be about trends in your thinking. Do you tend to be too pessimistic and depressed? Do you recognise the need to have more fun and think more positively? Picturing yourself having fun is the first step. If you have been especially bleak the day before then this maybe the mind trying to balance things up)
- "people who enjoy others misfortune" (Do you have a very bleak view of the world? Do you tend to see the evil in people and expect the worst? Your dream may just be delivering your expectations of the world. When someone laughs at someone in distress its really the ultimate sign of evil. Did someone enjoy your failure yesterday? Do you feel others will be laughing behind your back?)
- "too serious" (have you been accused of being too serious? Do you just need to lighten up right now?)
- "taken something the wrong way" (Did you say something as a joke yesterday and it maybe went down the wrong way. Did you fear that someone was offended or misunderstood your humour? The human mind tries to express itself in the best way it can but its easy to go wrong. Humour is especially difficult because good humour does attempt to push the boundaries. Its often our friends who say the obvious and who say the worst things - because we know that they do not mean it seriously. But things can go wrong and we may try to take time to put things right. Quite often making a joke at someone expense is a sign of friendship. But what happens if you do not consider that person a friend? What happens if you do take offence? Dreams will often touch on themes like these.)
- "paranoia" (Laughing in dreams maybe a sign of paranoia. We sometimes feel that people are laughing at us. We feel that they are ridiculing what we say. So if you have been paranoid then this dream may be linked to that. Did you feel as if the humour in the dream was directed at you?)
- "mood swings" (Do you know someone who is prone to mood swings? A laughing dream maybe your minds way of saying "I cannot believe it because he was in such a good mood".)
- "recognising how well a relationship is going" (We monitor how well or badly things are going so a happy dream with laughing may link to your relationship with someone. It maybe your way of saying "we got along so well yesterday" or "she is a good friend". Were you noting how well a friendship is going yesterday?)
- "not being taken seriously" (Dreams often capture a particular emotion or feeling which pinpoints your thoughts. If you are being laughed at in the dream it may suggest that you feel you are not being taken seriously. Was something you said yesterday dismissed as irrelevant or nonsense? Did you raise some concerns which were ignored? Do you have confidence problems and find it difficult to speak because you fear others will not listen.)

Dream use dream symbols in the way that we use words in day to day life. The symbolic meaning may feature in so many different contexts. Think of a dream dealing with a theme and then try to identify how that theme links to real life. If you look back at the words and phrases then a laughing dream can link to a theme of "not being taken seriously". But this can feature in so many different ways. Think of how many ways you could use that theme. The dream could be about someone not taking you seriously. Equally it could capture your feelings of guilt for not taking someone seriously leaving them lacking in confidence. Of course the dream maybe about you or someone else. It maybe about the past or the future. Equally you may have been bored yesterday and your fantasy mind invented some story of how others do not take you seriously. So the dream may have been triggered by nothing other than the imagined thoughts in your head. In short, dreams use dream symbols in as many ways as we use ordinary language. A simplistic meaning is totally inappropriate. But remember that most dreams translate into thoughts that you are all too aware of. The idea that dreams harbour unconscious feelings is not really accepted nowadays.