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Dream symbols - lesbian

Lesbians in dreams can be symbolic of anyone who is marginalised.

LESBIANS IN DREAMS: Dreams about gay people show that in some way they are a metaphor for a feeling or thought. May be you feel margnalised - like gay people. Lesbians form an alternative culture and so your dream could be a way of referring to some alternative culture.

In practice "gays" in dreams have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list.
- "marginalised/isolated" (Do you feel excluded and marginalised?)
- "prejudice/persecuted" (Were you persecuted yesterday? have you been facing prejudice? Were you thinking about prejudice or persecution yesterday?)
- "open about something" (Do you wish to be as open about something that others frown upon - just like lesbians can be.)
- "thinking about gay people yesterday" (Were you thinking about gay people yesterday? If so then the dream maybe very literal and simply relates to some of those thoughts.)
- "sharing secrets with someone of same sex" (One dream about a man kissing a man followed on from the previous evening when the dreamer talked with a friend who told him every last detail of his personal life. So homosexuality in the dream was linked to sharing intimate details of your life.)
- "someone you would never fancy" (Quite often "homosexuals" appear in dreams if you have been thinking about someone from the opposite sex who you could never go out with. Maybe they have been attracted to you but you would never go out with them even if they were the last man or woman on earth. This meaning could also apply if you have a close friend who is of the opposite sex. Homosexual links to the fact that you will not have sex with them since you are more like brother and sister)
- "wondering if someone is gay?" (Often we wonder if someone is gay? We may have clues but its often a question which may offend someone if you were to just come out and ask it. So if you were wondering if someone is gay then the dream could simply link to that. The dream may link to some thoughts about them and their sexuality such as "He seems very homophobic but I have heard people say he is gay. I wonder if he is very homophobic because this is something he is ashamed of")
- "not fitting into society" (Did you feel excluded from society yesterday? Do you simply not fit in to mainstream society? If so then the dream may link to your inability to fit into mainstream society.)
- "alternative culture" (Did you meet someone who is part of an alternative culture yesterday? To have a homosexual in a dream may simply be your minds way of saying "I met a hippie yesterday". In this way homosexuals can be linked to all sorts of alternative cultures such as hippies, punks and psychics)