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Dream symbols - light

LIGHTS IN DREAMS: Think of obvious metaphors using light eg "He cast some light on what they are thinking" or "I am in the dark".

- "understand" "comprehend" "clear"(We say that "he has made things perfectly clear". Clearly light is a symbol for "understanding" or "comprehension")
- "spiritual" "religious belief" "meaning"(Religious paintings often include bright light as a way of expressing spiritual meaning. Dreams can use light in a similar metaphorical way. Therefore a light dream could indicate thoughts like "I had a moment of real spiritual meaning yesterday" or "Jeff seems to see meaning in everything.")
- "happy" versus "unhappy"(It's possible that light could be a symbol for happiness. Dark can symbolise unhappiness and dreariness. So light could potentially be a symbol for something interesting which makes you happy)

Dreams represent our thoughts and feelings. Most thought processes or feelings can be reduced to a small quote like those listed bellow. Those listed here could all be linked to "light" in dreams. Try to see how the symbolism of "light" translates into very real feelings.

- "I should focus more on my project. I have been a little distracted"
- "I now UNDERSTAND exactly why he did it"
- "I am CLEAR IN MY MIND now about this!"
- "I am trying to UNDERSTAND this but cannot"
- "It was a moment of real meaning. It had an almost religious significance"
- "He made it very obvious"