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Dream symbols - littlegirl

LITTLE GIRLS IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "little girl" dream may translate into the words "idealistic" and "naive" as you realised how "idealistic" and "naive" you were the day before. In this way the dream is using the little girl because little girls are often naive and idealistic. They have ideas which are unrealistic and impractical and they say things such as "everyone should have their own swimming pool".

In practice little girls have several symbolic meanings. Look below and you will probably find out what your little girl dream symbolises.
- "naivety" (Did you say something really naive yesterday? Are you thinking how naive a plan is at work?)
- "not coping" (Do you feel as if you are not coping in some way? Do you fear the need to ask others for help? Do you not want to appear like the little girl lost?)
- "having fun" (Can you think of a situation yesterday when you were having fun? Perhaps giggling like a schoolgirl?)
- "making a fool of yourself" (Did you feel like a little girl who made a total fool of herself yesterday? Who do you think of when you think of the term foolish little girl? Has a woman you know just had a tantrum?)
- "not taken seriously" (Did you feel like people were not listening to you yesterday?)
- "feeling small and vulnerable" (Who tried to make you feel small and vulnerable? Who might try to dominate you and force their opinions on you dismissing you as a girl who has no ideas and no power to make a decision?)
- "thoughts about child abuse" (If you have been thinking about child abuse then your dream maybe about that. Did you talk about a child abuser yesterday? Your dream may simply play out some emotions like that)
- "being treated like a little girl" (Are people just not taking you seriously? Have you just made a fool of yourself at work and appeared immature? Do you parents treat you like a little girl?)
- "emotional" (Often dreams analyse our recent behaviour. A little girl dream maybe your minds way of saying "I was very emotional yesterday". It maybe links to wider thoughts such as "why would anyone take me seriously if I am so emotional. If I am going to be respected in business then I must stop being so emotional". Try think how being emotional taps into some wider thought. It could link to anything. Being "emotional" maybe the minds way of saying "we had such fun. We told each other just how we feel. I feel like a little girl again".)
- "girly talk" (A little girl dream maybe just your minds way of saying "we had a really girly talk yesterday" and you be noting how much you enjoyed this and how you wish to repeat it. Alternatively the dream may symbolise your realisation that you were giggling and full of silly notions. What do you think of when you think of this phrase "girly talk". If you can think of something your dream may link to this issue in some way. If you cannot think of anything then this dream symbol probably has another meaning)
- "a frail old woman" (old people often go full circle and return to a child like state. Are you looking after an old woman who has not got the sense to look after herself properly)
- "tantrum" (Think of any link to child like tantrums. Did you lose your temper in a silly way yesterday? Are you losing your temper for no reason now? Are you getting mad for silly reasons? Sometimes children get mad for no good reason when we know that there is something that is really causing the problem. For instance, a child will often get into a tantrum because they cannot have some orange drink when in fact the real reason they are in a tantrum is because they are tired. Can you think of any way in which such a situation applied yesterday?)
- "needing to be more responsible" (Parents will often say "you are acting like a five year old" meaning that the child is behaving immaturely and needs to show more responsibility. In dreams we can use the same metaphor to describe our own immaturity. Think of any link though to this type of theme. You might have enjoyed acting immaturely and irresponsibly - sometimes that is a good thing as you let yourself off the leash and enjoyed life. Your dream may link to this theme in any way - did you feel as if someone was accusing you of being irresponsible yesterday?)
- "feeling dominated" (a little girl dream may simply be your minds way of saying "he made me feel small". Did someone try to dominate you yesterday? Your mind maybe recording this feeling that you were dominated - you might be saying "he tried to make out he was just being helpful but actually he was just dominating me")
- "being brutally honest" (Little girls can often talk in a brutally honest way saying things like "you are ugly" or "your house smells". A dream of a little girl may symbolise your thoughts about a conversation like that. Did you have a conversation which made you cringe yesterday? Are you going to have to talk openly about something embarrassing in the day to come?)
- "silly notions" (little girls have silly notions and your dream maybe your minds way of saying "that was a silly notion")
- "idealistic" (small children have a very simplified way of thinking about the world. They wonder why there are poor people and why people commit crime. Underlying this is a naive idealism which is not really practical. Do you think someone is being too idealistic? Did someone have an idea yesterday that was simply not practical?)

Its a fallacy that dreams capture unconscious thoughts - dreams represent thoughts that we are all too aware of. A typical dream would translate into the types of thoughts that we might write down in a diary or tell a best friend. Dreams represent your key thoughts which pinpoint the problems right now. Try to write down some quotes which capture your feelings right now and try to include the words and phrases above. For instance one dreamer had a dream about being stuck in an alley with a little girl and they were both cornered by a child molester. In real life the dreamer had been thinking about a child molester who she had to serve at work. She hated him and refused to serve him but her boss threatened her with the sack. So if dreams link to recent thoughts and things dominating our minds its easy to see how this little girl simply links into these thoughts about this child molester. In this case the dream probably just notes the dreamers strong emotions on this subject. If we get very emotional about something then our dream will often make note of that strong emotion.

Dreams can represent very sophisticated thoughts. One dreamer had been worried about her grandmother who was becoming very frail. There were reports of storms ahead and the dreamer was nervous and worried for her grandmother. When she had a little girl dream in a storm its obvious that the dream linked to her grandma. It showed that she was increasingly worried about her grandmothers frailty. Human beings go full circle as they get into old age they become elderly and infirm. In some cases they start to behave like little children and they need looking after in the same way we look after children. Some people even start talking to frail old people in the same condescending way that they talk to young children. In this context the dream captures this exact feeling - "my grandmother is getting old and frail and I am worried about her in this storm. She is getting to be like a little child who needs constantly looking after". Dreams make assessments like this and are like milestones in our thinking. In this case the dream marks a pivotal moment when the dreamer realises that she should make more time for her grandmother and make sure she is OK.