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Dream symbols - lock

LOCKS IN DREAMS: Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that LOCKS in practice capture the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "locking out negative feelings"(Think of obvious ways in which you might use the phrase "locking out" e.g. "He is locking out all those bad feelings" or "I need to lock out all those bad feelings".)
- "exclude" "untrustworthy"(Locks stop people in their tracks. They can symbolise "exclusions" and so can be connected to any thought process which involves that phrase e.g. "they want to exclude me" or "I need to exclude her from my life as she is trouble" or more complex thoughts like "I have been excluded all my life")
- "unable to get away from"(A locked door could be symbolic of any bad situation where you feel you cannot escape eg "I cannot seem to get away from her since we seem to go to the same places")
- "secure" "safe" "tampered with"(Locks link by association with words like "secure", "safe" and "tampered with" so this may link any thought process which features such a theme with this dream)
- "open to all" "unrestricted"(An unlocked door can also be a metaphor for any situation where there are no restrictions e.g. "They could just walk in" or "we cannot stop them".)

Dreams are linked to our thought processes so its best to translate a dream into a quote. Look at the types of quotes below that lock dreams translate into. Try to think how they link symbolically to "locks".

- "I want to LOCK OUT all those types of thoughts"
- "I just want to FORGET ABOUT it"
- "I want to ESCAPE my problems"
- "It is easy to tamper with"
- "I just want to UNLOCK THOSE BAD EMOTIONS in her"
- "I wish she would let me into her feelings"