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Dream symbols - lost

People say things like "why did I dream about being lost in a supermarket." The dream seems confusing but the dream is probably just saying "I felt lost yesterday."

LOST IN DREAMS: Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that LOST in practice captures the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "lacking direction in life" (Do you feel as if your life is going nowhere? If so being lost in the dream is symbolic of your lack of purpose)
- "confused" "unable to understand" (Were you confused and unable to understand something yesterday? )
- "lacking motivation" "not really wanting to do something" "bored"(Sometimes we feel lost generally. We are emotionally not wanting to do something. Lost is an excellent metaphor for a lack of purpose. You are drifting through life not heading in the direction that you want. You are unable to pursue the goals that you wish to.)
- "humiliated" (were you humiliated yesterday? Maybe you were "lost" for words and unable to think what to do. )
- "upset" "depressed"(Lost dreams can link to a lack of motivation. But at a deeper level you may actually be depressed. You may be upset and unable to shake off some bad feelings)
- "tired" (Was someone exceptionally tired yesterday? Maybe being lost was symbolic of their inability to focus and lack of purpose? May be its just a symbol for being tired out?)
- "need for preperation" "unprepared" (Are you realising that things will turn out badly unless you prepare properly?)
- "not the same as you used to be" (Did you fail at something that you once did effortlessly? Have you "lost your power"? Are you less able to take control as you did before? Have you been thinking how someone is "not the man they used to be?" Do you miss not being the center of attention?)
- "lost" (Do you fear losing someone? Do you feel you have just lost out on something? Have you been thinking "how could we continue without him?")