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Dream symbols - love

In interpreting a dream think of words with the opposite meaning. Obviously dreams of love can link to you being in love. But love dreams may also mean the opposite - that you have been thinking just how much you are not in love with someone

LOVE IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a love dream may simply capture your feeling that "does he really love me?"

LOVE DREAMS- "death of loved one" (Have you been mourning a death of a loved one? Do you feel you are entering a new phase in the process of mourning? If you have been thinking about that then surely the dream simply marks your latest feelings about this sad loss)
- "fight for relationship" (Often we are overwhelmed with problems in a relationship and at some point we have to decide if the relationship is worth fighting for. Are you at that point where you need to decide if its worth carrying on?)
- "enjoying" (We use love in very simple ways - we say "I loved that day out in London". Have you had any feelings like that recently?)
- "deep connection or attraction" (Love in a dream may have simple explanations as you are thinking over your feelings for someone that you have a very deep affection for. Have you suddenly thought how important someone is to you?)
- "does he love me?" (Dreams are about pinpointing our own emotions and also they help us gauge the feelings of other people. Have you been thinking over someone's feelings for you? Do you feel as if they are sending out mixed signals?)
- "self belief" (If love is mentioned in a dream it may link with deeper themes within you - did you wake up with a deep sense of self respect? Did you suddenly feel a lack of self worth? Love touches on the issues at the very heart of our personality)