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Dream symbols - mansion

MANSIONS IN DREAMS: Mansion dreams are quite fascinating. It has long been thought that house dreams link to the personality. A house dream may therefore represent your own thoughts about how you have reacted and how you have behaved as a person. Mansion dreams can link to you and other people

Houses in dreams are symbols for the self and often link to issues regarding the personality. Research into many mansion dreams shows that they seem to link to issues of personality but in a slightly different way. Mansion dreams link to issues where your personality has come into contact with other people.
- "inability to influence" (You may be trying to influence someone. Yet they may not be willing to do what you want. The dream may therefore show your feelings of "frustration" or "powerlessness". )
- "being forceful" (Mansion dreams can link to how people interact with each other. One particularly common way in which this takes places is being forceful. Either you are realising how forceful you are being or others have been forceful with you. Try to think how this theme has featured in your thinking e.g. think of thoughts like "he was too forceful" or "I am pushing her too much" or even "I seem to work well with forceful people - I wonder why that is?" Think how this theme of being "forceful" has featured in a key thought as dreams will be about these crucial feelings)
- "thinking about a relationship" (Mansion dreams will generally be about the wider world ways in whcih you are intereacting with others. So a mansion dream could link to other people and relationships which you have been thinking about. The mansion is symbol of your personality coming together with this other persons.)
- "encouraging" (The house is often a symbol for the self. A mansion house will often link to yourself and other people. One main source of mansion dreams is linked to "encouraging". You may be trying to encourage others. You may have been encouraged by someone.)
- "personality clash" (Mansions do seem to link to other people and the outside world so its possible )
- "good influence" (Mansion dreams often link to issues where someone has had a big impact on you. So if you have been thinking about how good an influence someone has had on you or you have been trying to influence you then the dream could be about that.)
- "feeling unwanted and rejected" (Mansion dreams can link to the wider world so a mansion dream could play any positive or negative feelings. An empty or unwelcoming experience in a mansion may play out your negative feelings in this bigger setting.)
- "inability to get through to someone" (Sometimes we may try as hard as we can but we fail to get through to people. )
- "take the hint" (Mansion dreams seem to connect to our place in the wider world. So a mansion dream could play out the hints that other have made. Negative feelings in a dream could link to some negative body language you have been picking up on. )
- "work relationships" (Large houses have plenty of room for other people so they can link to issues where you have to cooperate with others. So a large house dream could represent your emotions towards your work colleagues either good or bad. Good feelings in the mansion suggest that things are going well. A bad dream could hint that you are experiencing problems at work or that you are worried that things could go badly)
- "cheering others up" (Mansion dreams seem to link to the impact we have on others and the impact that the world and people have on us. So this could include your attempts to be positive. Good feelings could show that you are optimistic or pleased with how your attempts to be positive and encouraging. A bad dream could represent your failure to cheer others up.)
- "huge impact" (Mansion dreams link to the wider world and often other people. Occasionally mansion dreams simply link to the impact that some event beyond your control has had on you. Dreams are often about your personality. Yet sometimes our persnality is shaped by the impact of huge events which force us to behave in certain ways. A deep economic downturn forces people to behave in a cretain way. Therefor the mansion dream may link to ways in which the world is impacting on us - how our behaviour is being shaped and pushed in certain directions.)
- "right response" "wrong response" (Has someone just reacted in the wrong way? Have you been wondering how to respond to someone? Mansion dreams can link to how people are responding to each other particularly if these responses have been the subject of our thoughts)
- "teaching" (If you are trying to have an impact on others then its possible that a mansion dream links to your wish to teach or influence others. If you have had any thoughts connected to this theme then its possible that the two are linked. So if you have been thinking about how your teaching methods are failing then your dream could link to your failure to connect to your students in this larger setting.)

- "What happened to him really has had an IMPACT ON ME"
- "I am just not getting the RIGHT RESPONSE from them"
- "she would not let me help her"
- "But I realise that my gain is his loss."