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Dream symbols - mask

Try not to concentrate on a mask in your dream - instead think of associated concepts like "masking the truth", "concealing something" or devious and manipulative behaviour.

MASKS IN DREAMS: Mask's in dreams are often linked to devious behaviour. A mask conceal's so think of the word "conceal" and how you might use it to describe your feelings.

- "devious" "manipulate" "liar" "cheat"()
- "conceal" ()
- "hiding your true feelings" ()

Dreams represent our thoughts and feelings and so a dream should translate into a quote. Read through the quotes below as they are the kinds of real key feelings that trigger mask dreams.

- "He is trying to manipulate me"
- "they are not his true feelings"
- "We are just trying to conceal the problem"
- "she seemed confident yet I think deep down she does not believe that"
- "she has been very devious"
- "he is a liar and cheat"