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Dream symbols - medieval

Our mind uses medieval times to express feelings such as "brutal times" because life in medieval times was the ultimate in "brutal times."

MEDIEVAL IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "medieval" dream may simply translate into a word such as "domineering" and the dream captures the feeling that "he dominates everyone at work even though he is not the boss". In that way the dream links in with one of the key characteristics of medieval times in that people were domineering and controlling. In this way the person was seen to act in a way which was seen as "medieval". Of course there are several symbolic meanings of medieval in dreams and these are all explored below.

- "brutal" (The mind just uses symbols instead of words to express some feeling which is relevant in your life right now. The main thing that we associate with medieval and all ancient times is brutality. Laws were not really enforced strictly and those who were in charge simply did as they pleased. There was little respect for human rights and no one cared too much for human suffering. Perhaps your medieval dream echoes the brutal world you are currently in. Have people been particularly ruthless with you?)
- "unscientific beliefs" (Medieval times were linked to all sorts of witchcraft and unscientific views. How has science versus witchcraft featured in your thoughts in the last day. Have you been studying a subject based upon dubious science such as astrology, witchcraft, or any social science such as sociology.)
- "dramatic" (Medieval times were often highly dramatic. Are there some bold themes running through your life right now? Was yesterday particularly dramatic and intense?)
- "stoical attitude" (medieval times were noted by their stoical acceptance of all kinds of hardships. Were you in a particularly stoical attitude yesterday?)
- "acceptance of pain and suffering" (The medieval times were filled with pain and suffering. Do you feel as if you are living in the dark ages? Do you feel surrounded by brutality and difficult circumstances)
- "domineering and controlling" (was someone especially controlling and domineering yesterday? Is it a matter of the strongest ruling over the weakest? Has someone just grasped power and intends to impose their ideas)

Read through the various words and phrases which have been proven to link to medieval dreams. Try to see which of these are relevant in your emotions right now.