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Dream symbols - meteor

METEORS IN DREAMS: Meteors in waking life have long been linked to omens and major change. But think of all the contexts in which you could use the word "omen" such as "It's a terrible omen" or "She thinks its an omen but its probably just needless worry".

In practice meteor dreams have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list. Try to see which is most relevant to you. Only one symbolic meaning will apply. If one stands out then your dream may represent that exact thought or feeling.
- "worst fears come true" (Have your worst fears come true? Do you fear that things are about to get much worse?)
- "radical change" (Changes in the heavens can have major effects on our lives. If the sun suddenly stopped rising then this would be a radical change in your world. So planetary changes portray major changes or disturbances in the world which we live in)
- "major event" (Meteors are often symbolic of major change. Has some big historical event taken place just recently? If so your dream will be dealing with the personal implications and emotions towards this event.)
- "a sign" (We often link meteors with premonitions and other signs. Movements in the heavens have often been seen as signs of something big happening. The birth of Jesus was linked to the star of Bethlehem. So an meteor may be your minds way of saying "this is a sign". So an meteor may link to some major worries about the future. It may capture your feelings of hope that something good maybe about to happen)
- "the truth" (Did you crash back to reality as something was found out yesterday? )
- "catastrophe" (Did something catastrophic happen yesterday? Dreams of asteroids can deal with anything which has a devastating impact on us. Have some major changes just taken place? Has there just been a major economic crash?)

The meaning of dreams can be translated directly into quotes which capture some key thought or feeling. Look at the list below of quotes and see how these all directly link to the symbolism of meteors dreams.

- "it very nearly happened yesterday"
- "he found out"
- "I did not realise at first"
- "my life will change radically soon"
- "That was truly a major event"
- "and then the truth struck me"