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Dream symbols - military

In the reality of your emotions all kinds of strange characters can exist such as pirates, soldiers, judges and even presidents.

In practice the military has several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list.
- "strict rules" (The military involves strict rules and strict discipline. Have you just found out that some rukles are stricter than you thought? Do you like tough discipline? Think of any way in which the theme of discipline has come up. Your dream may be about that.)
- "discipline" (Have you been trying to show more discipline? Were you thinking how you need to buckle down and get the work done? If so the dream of a military may link your wish to be more disciplined - just like a soldier)
- "100% effort" (Soldiers put in 100 percent effort and so they may link to your wish to put in every effort?)
- "teamwork" (Did everyone show great team spirit yesterday? Did you get caught up in a moment where everyone joined together too achieve something. The military often have a great team spirit as people band together to achieve what needs to be done)
- "having a tough time" (Is someone "at war" with you? Did you have a really bad day yesterday? If you are having a rough time then your dream of the military could be a metaphor for this rough time)
- "militaristic personality" (Do you like to keep to a precise timetable? Do you constantly use military language to describe events? If yes then the military in your dream show you may have a militaristic personality.)
- "a harsh environment" (Are you having to undergo a tough regime right now)

A dream about soldiers will generally eb about you having to be soldier like in some way. Maybe you have been in a "soldier like mood" and you have enjoyed the hardships that a soldier has to endure. Of course soldier dreams have different meanings - some of them positive and some negative. You may have been thinking how tough life has been - and disliked the war like conditions.