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Dream symbols - nativeamerican

NATIVE AMERICANS IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "Native American" dream may simply translate into the word "natural" and the dream link to some thought such as "I have been trying to live in a more natural way with the world". Native Americans were famed for living in balance with the world. So the dreamer maybe trying to push the portions of their personality which follow Native American principles and morality.

KEYWORDS LINKING TO NATIVE AMERICAN DREAMS Here is the full list of simple key words and phrases which link to Native American dreams. Try to think which of these are relevant in your life right now. If you can think of anything then your dream may simply tap into that theme within your life at the moment.
- "spiritual high" (Were you on a spiritual high last night? If so the Native American culture, and other cultures which are similar, maybe inspiring you. A Native American dream then may simply be your, minds way of saying "I was on a spiritual high yesterday".)
- "alternative culture" (Native Americans are just one example of an alternative culture to mainstream society. A Native American dream maybe expresses your interest in some other alternative culture. Dreams are like that you have a Native American dream when you are trying to push the hippy side within you)
- "psychic" (Native Americans can be symbols of anything which is similar. They tap into psychic powers as they were widely known for their psychic abilities. So a Native American maybe your minds way of expressing a new interest in psychic matters.)
- "easy going" (Native Americans are often seen as easy going and very democratic in their ways. They allow all elements to speak and promote harmony. One dream of a Native American followed on from a day when the dreamer was accused of dominating others and stopping a genuine discussion. This hurt him as he liked to think he was an easy going person. So a dream of a Native American frowning was a symbol this criticism of him for his domination and lack of willingness to let people speak)
- "natural world" (Were you thinking about the natural world and your love of nature yesterday? Are you a bit of a hippy who likes to live at one with the world? If so then your dream uses a culture who live at one with the world to express that side of your own personality. Think of any connection to the natural world. Did you watch a nature video yesterday? If so then you maybe exploring your thoughts connected with this. These need not be good thoughts. If you have a natural disdain for nature and hippy type ideas then the dream may express those feelings)
- "courage" (Did you show the courage of a Native American warrior yesterday? Are you trying to summon up courage to stand up for what is right)
- "Native American heritage" (Have you got Native American blood inside you. If so then the dream could be about your thoughts about this Native American heritage. )
- "goodness" (Native Americans are often seen by some as symbolizing all things good. They embody virtues such as courage and love of nature. They could start to be seen in a similar way to whales and dolphins as symbols of goodness and beauty. They could capture moments when you feel at one with the world. Was there a moment when you felt a sense of real goodness yesterday? Was there something that inspired you? If so then a Native American could represent that idyllic mood and moment.)

The list above is quite extensive but other people associate other qualities with Native Americans. Some mainstream and very conservative elements of US society may associate the Native Americans with the poor and think of them as lazy. Dreams are not politically correct they embody popular stereotypes be they good or bad. Some people might associate Native Americans with rights for minorities and so the dream may represent their dislike of such groups and the power they hold over society. Think of ways in which negative stereotypes linked to Native Americans have featured in your thoughts. If you can think of something then Native Americans may pinpoint all that is bad for you with American society. So if you were thinking the previous day how "minority groups were ruining American business" then a Native American dream may be linked to that precise thought. That's because when you see a Native American that's what you associate with them. So if your feelings are negative towards Native Americans then your dreams about them will embody those negative thoughts.