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Dream symbols - nervous

NERVOUS IN DREAMS : Nervous in dreams tends to link to real reasons why you are nervous in life. For example, you can be nervous because you are having to make a big decision. Look through the list below to which word or phrase links to your nervous dreams.

- "big decision" (You can be nervous because you have a big decision to make)
- "under pressure" (Are you under pressure? Are people watching your performance and ready to pounce on you if you make a mistake?)
- "worried" (What are you about? What were you worried about yesterday?)
- "volatile situation" (Is some situation highly volatile right now? Are you nervous beause of that?)
- "found out" (Does someone know too much? Are you feeling guilty about something?)
- "aware of consequences" (Are you having to remind yourself of the consequences of something.)
- "unprepared" "not ready"(Do you feel unprepared for something? Are you just not ready for something)
- "feeling awkward" (Does someone make you feel awkward?)
- "risks" (Are you unsure about taking a risk? Do you need to be more aware of the risks involved in something)

Dreams capture our thought processes or feelings so try to translate a dream into a quote like those below. Try to see how a "nervous dream" links symbolically with these quotes.

- "I know its a BIG DECISION"
- "I have to get this right because its VERY IMPORTANT"
- "I am worried that she may react"
- "I need to know people are supporting and encouraging me"
- "I am scared of being FOUND OUT"
- "he knows too much. I will be found out"
- "I cannot do that because I am AWARE of the CONSEQUENCES"
- "I feel under pressure to get it right"
- "I know they are watching me so I cannot make any mistakes"
- "I am not sure I am ready yet"
- "I would feel awkward doing that"
- "If it did happen I just feel it would end in failure"
- "its difficult to talk about such things"
- "I am unsure if I want to take the risk"
- "I need to be more aware of the risks"