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Dream symbols - nightmare

NIGHTMARES IN DREAMS : It might be better to treat nightmares as other symbols. If someone describes a dream as a nightmare then what are we to make of it?

- "risky behaviour" "retaliation"(Sometimes we do something and get away with it. In our dreams we might play through what might have happened if we had been a little less fortunate. Many nightmares can link to us thinking through such risky behaviour. What happens if someone retaliates? Such dreams help you put things in perspective. Luck is luck and we need to remember that we were lucky and got aware with it.)
- "think of the consequences" "what is the worst that can happen" "a worst possible scenario"(Much of our dreams help us work out how we have done and what will happen if we do such and such a thing. If you have an important decision to make then you need to think through what will happen. If you move away to college you may lose friends in your home town. If you say something to someone then they may take it badly. Some bad dreams will help us think through a worst possible scenario. Such dreams represent "the worst that can happen")
- "feeling alone" "not accepted"(Some bad dreams may result from you feeling alone. These probably show that the situation is getting to you.)
- "painful truths"(Often we try not to think the worst. We hear what people say and we try to paint a more cheerful picture than is in reality. Some nightmares result from painful truths. May be your girlfriend doesn't love you any more! May be you know what a fool you made of yourself last night! May be you need to remind yourself that you haven't got the looks or ability to mix with people that you want to mix with. Painful truths like these could result in nightmare dreams.)
- "cannot trust"(If your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats on you then its very difficult to trust them again. If you are having to deal with someone whose word cannot be trusted then constantly your mind will tell you that "they cannot be trusted!")
- "changes about to take place"(Sometimes we will start to realise that the world is changing. Maybe you know that something is inevitable. Some nightmares may help you ready yourself for these unpleasant changes to take place.)
- "suffering" "pain" "illness"(Some nightmares are merely dwelling on some really bad feelings right now. Maybe your in constant pain? May be you have been suffering in some way and its now starting to get to you)
- "realisation"(I realise that I will never be the success that I hoped to be! I know now that I cannot do that and will never be able to do that! Such thoughts show that you are starting to realise some painful truth)

Dreams represent our thoughts and feelings. Most thought processes or feelings can be reduced to a small quote like those listed bellow. Those listed here could all be linked to "nightmare" dreams. Try to see how the symbolism of "nightmare" translates into these very real feelings.

- "I simply am not finding it easy to deal with this. I CANNOT ACCEPT what happened. It was so traumatic and so unfair"
- "WHY did it happen?"
- "I have JUST REALISED that things are going to change"
- "I am starting to realise the consequences of it"
- "I feel so ALONE and simply do not feel accepted"
- "I know that the risk is small but things MAY GO DREADFULLY WRONG"
- "I am taking such a MAJOR RISK"
- "I am totally aware of THE DANGER I am taking"
- "Its SO RISKY - I may lose him."
- "This ILLNESS is hideous. I feel such pain"
- "How could I ever be honest and tell him what I truly feel"
- "I treated him badly and I need to realise that he MAY FIGHT BACK"
- "I would like to trust him but how could I ever trust anyone again after what happened last time"
- "I simply CANNOT TRUST a word that she says."
- "I really do not feel I have ENOUGH CONFIDENCE to do that"
- "I simply CANNOT TRUST what he says"
- "I have never had to face such a change before in my life"