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Dream symbols - nude

Try to think of the wider uses of the word naked - such as "I feel naked."

NUDE IN DREAMS : Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "naked" dream may translate into the word "truth" and the dream captured the feeling from the day before that "someone exposed the naked truth".

- "truth" (We use the phrase "the naked truth" and the mind uses the same metaphors. Try to think of any connection to this theme. If you can think of anything then its likely that the issue is linked. If you were scared that the truth would be revealed yesterday then its probably about that.)
- "vulnerable" (At vulnerable moments we appear naked as our emotions are clearly on show. Were you especially vulnerable yesterday and everyone saw all your faults.)
- "obvious" (Did you make an obvious effort to show some feelings yesterday? Did you want to show your support and understanding for someone? Were you afraid that you revealed too much yesterday making it very obvious that you have a dislike for someone? Did you worry that something became very obvious yesterday?)
- "open" (Was someone wanting to know every detail about someone or something yesterday?)
- "honest" (We associate honesty with nakedness because if someone is honest they show their true feelings. Was someone especially honest the day before the dream? Do you plan upon being very honest with someone?)
- "sexual feelings" (Do feel guilty about having sexual feelings for someone which are inappropriate?)
- "sexual fantasies" (A naked dream may have a simple meaning as you were having some strong sexual fantasies before going to bed or that you were sexually aroused upon waking)

INSTRUCTIONS: Here is how to interpret a dream. Look through the list of words and phrases listed here. Research has shown that these words link symbolically to "naked" dreams. Then try to see how these words and phrases could describe your feelings right now. For instance if you had been thinking "He has revealed his true self" last night then clearly the key word "truth" could be linked to the symbolic meaning of "naked" in your dream. We can also guess that "revealing his true self" goes to the heart of the dreams meaning. Dreams link to key feelings and observations like these.