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Dream symbols - pain

PAIN IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "pain" dream may simply capture an everyday thought such as "I have been very upset recently".

In practice pain has several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list. Try to see which seems most relevant right now. Only one of these symbolic meanings will apply.
- "hurting emotionally" (Are you "in pain" emotionally speaking?)
- "upset" (Did you get very upset about something yesterday? If yes your dream could be your minds way of saying how upset you were)
- "pressured" (A pain dream may simply be your minds way of saying "I was under pressure")
- "pessimistic" (Are you very pessimistic? If so your dream world turns out the way you expect. If you expect failure then your dream will provide it. If you expect problems and abuse then your dream will more than fulfil these expectations. Such dreams may simply be linked to your own expectations. Most dreams peek right into your emotions and if you cannot break a cycle of pessimism then your dreams will constantly feed your negativity)
- "awkward moment" (Did something make you cringe yesterday? Was a moment exceptionally awkward and embarrassing? We often say "that was a very painful moment" to denote a very difficult and awkward moment. If so then your pain dream may use "pain" in a similar metaphorical way. )
- "actual physical pain" (Dream symbols need not have an abstract meaning. If you were in actual pain whilst you slept then the dream could simply mirror that)
- "making sacrifices"
- "difficult day" (Was yesterday quite "painful"? If yes then your pain could simply link to a bad day which has got to you. Hopefully this will be short lived. Dreams will often link to emotions which are purely in the short term.)
- "missing out"
- "understanding someone's pain" (Were you trying to understand someone else's pain and heartache? If so your dreams are linked to some key thoughts concerning your help and understanding. Perhaps you have gained a new insight into someone's problems? Maybe you wish to understand their feelings but you are finding difficulty? Most dreams will simply portray a key thought so write down a quote which captures your feelings regarding this. Its likely that your dream means exactly that. Its just a matter of understanding the dream symbolism)
- "trauma" (At the heart of a pain dream maybe some continuing trauma. Have you been traumatised by some terrible accident or event? If so then your dream may symbolise the continuing pain in your heart)
- "break up" (Break ups are a common cause of pain dreams. They simply represent the emotional pain involved in splitting up)
- "nasty comments" (Did someone make a nasty comment yesterday? If yes then the dream shows how much you have been wounded by this)
- "missing someone" (Are you deeply missing someone? If so the pain in the dream may symbolise the emotional gap in your life)
- "troubled relationship" (Put simply if a relationship is troubled then it generates all kinds of emotional pain and pressure. Your dream maybe about your own emotional pain or your thoughts about someone else's troubled relationship)
- "depressed" (If you are deeply depressed its probably your low mood which has triggered the "pain" dream. Your "pain" may well have been triggered by something specific but its the depression which is maybe the root cause)
- "unwanted change" (We all have difficulty adjusting to change particularly if it is unwanted change. Pain in a dream suggest you have particular difficulty accepting new circumstances. Did some change stand out yesterday? Did you feel that "this is a sign of things to come". If so then your dream was triggered by this moment when you realised this)
- "feeling unwell" (were you simply feeling unwell yesterday? A physical illness could easily trigger a pain dream. Why look for some abstract meaning when the obvious cause is a real illness)
- "tired and aching" (Pain could of course have a rational and physical cause. If you are tired and aching after a hard days efforts then the dream could simply represent these short term pains)
- "failure" (Pain is quite a strong symbol and shows that you have been particularly hurt by something. Failure often hits us deeply. Did you feel a very deep sense of failure yesterday? If yes then your dream could link to that feeling of failure)
- "hard times" (We all "feel the pain" during hard times. So if you are suffering from economic hardship then your dream could link to your sacrifices during those hard times)
- "let down by someone"
- "difficulty accepting something" (Having to accept something can "pain" us? If your heart was set on a different course then having to accept failure is something which really hurts us. Dreams can easily be triggered by such troubled emotions)
- "loss" (Pain could be a metaphor for a sense of loss)