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Dream symbols - panic

PANIC IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "panic" dream may simply translate into a word like "overwhelmed" and the dream capture an everyday thought such as "I should have gone there yesterday as I was very overwhelmed". In that way your dream may link to some key feeling which pinpoint your exact feelings. We often think that dreams so irrelevant and bizarre yet they may represent the kind of thoughts that you might write down in a diary or tell a best friend. Its just a matter of understanding the dream symbolism.

In practice panic dreams have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list. Try to write down quotes which capture your key feelings right now but which also feature the words listed below.
- "overwhelmed" (If you are panic its often because you are overwhelmed. So any situation from yesterday may trigger a panic dream if you felt completely overwhelmed. Do you worry about the day to come being overwhelming? If that is the case then your worry is spilling over into your dreams)
- "unsettled" (Often if you are very unsettled then it can cause you to panic. Is the situation at work unsettling? Are you unsettled generally?)
- "disruption" (You would worry if things get disrupted wouldn't you! So a panic dream could link back to your worries about this disruption. Your mind is focusing on this disruption and anticipating the worst. Its saying that you should be panicking!)
- "worry" (Panic may simply be your mind way of saying "I am very worried about this")
- "big day tomorrow" (Is tomorrow a big day? Can things go badly wrong tomorrow? A panic dream may simply capture your nerves as you think about this big day.)
- "unprepared" (Have you realised that you are very unprepared for something? )
- "lack of control over situation" (Do you feel a lack of control in some situation? That whatever you do you cannot change something? That you desperately want some outcome but have no way of making sure things turn out OK)
- "not knowing what to do" (not knowing what to do causes panic. So if you did not know what to do yesterday then that could cause a panic dream)
- "unable to act" (Is something preventing you from acting a certain way? Can you do nothing despite your wish to prevent something?)
- "a testing moment" (Did you have a difficult moment yesterday? Was there a crucial moment which you found very testing?)
- "lacking ability" (Do you simply lack the ability to do something? Do you feel people want you to do something yet you do not have the ability to fulfil this? Surely such a situation would make you panic. Maybe that's the root cause of your panic dream.)
- "pounce on a mistake" (If things can go easily wrong then we start to panic. In practice panic dreams can be caused by someone waiting ready to pounce on a mistake. Do you feel someone is ready to judge you harshly? )
- "no room for error" (In some situations you either succeed or fail. There is not much in between ground. In such cases the panic may link to your nerves at the outcome. You know that there is no room for error. )
- "cannot cope"