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Dream symbols - paralyse

Paralysed dreams are often linked to the sleep disorder "sleep paralysis"

PARALYSED IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "paralysed" dream may simply translates into the word "domination" and the dream captures an everyday thought such as "he always dominates me so I really cannot feel free to act".

In practice paralysed dreams translate into several types of feelings. Here is the full list. Think about these and try to see which applies most to you.
- "dominated" (Are you dominated by someone? Often low confidence and acceptance of someone's domination may result in you just standing there and taking whatever is thrown at you.)
- "shocked" (Were you shocked by something yesterday? If so the paralysed dream may link to those feelings of shock. Shock leaves us slightly paralysed as we really do not how to react)
- "suddenly" (Did something happen suddenly yesterday? Sometimes things happen so fast that you do not have time to react. The dream may capture your shock at what happened)
- "depressed" (If you are suffering from depression then a paralysed dream may show how you are getting stuck in a mood. Often people with depression cannot escape the bad feelings and so in a way you feel paralysed.)
- "anxiety attack" (Did you have an anxiety attack yesterday? Do you suffer from phobias? If you suffer from severe phobias then you may tend to freeze and so its easy to see where a paralysed dream comes from)
- "lack of options" (Do you have a lack of options? If so then the feeling of paralysis captures your lack of ability to do what you want)
- "unable to do anything"
- "sleep paralysis" (Sleep paralysis is a sleep disorder that can leave you feeling paralysed during a dream. If the feeling of being paralysed feels very real then its possible that you have been suffering from this disorder. What happens is that you are half awake during a dream. However, since you are also half asleep then part of your body is still asleep and so feels paralysed. The mind feels uncomfortable with these feelings and it results in a nightmare type dream)
- "having to accept" (Sometimes we simply do not want to accept something. Maybe you cannot accept a relationship is over or that you have lost something. Part of you wants to fight on but if you have no options then you simply have to sit there and take it. Emotionally you feel paralysed as you want to do something but cannot do anything)