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Dream symbols - party

Dreams are often simply linked to your prevailing mood. If you feel sociable at the time of the dream then your dreams take you to places where you might satisfy that need to socialise

PARTIES IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "party" dream may simply translate into words such as "feeling sociable" and the dream captures the feeling that "I was in a very talkative and sociable mood yesterday". In that way the dream links in with one of the key characteristics of parties in that we make special efforts to be sociable.

- "feeling sociable" (Did you get along with someone very well yesterday? Were you very sociable yesterday?)
- "euphoric" (Did you feel euphoric yesterday? Did you wake up feeling euphoric?)
- "expressing views in a fun way" (Have you been trying to write a speech or talk in a fun way? Have you tried to improve your expression so people will listen to you more?)
- "social phobias" (Do you find social situations very difficult? Do you suffer from social phobias? Were you especially nervous talking to someone yesterday?)
- "tired" (Did you feel tired or not in the mood for socialising yesterday? Has something stopped you relaxing properly?)
- "opening up" (Did you talk about things which you would not normally talk about yesterday? We often associate parties with opening up and talking openly. Its probably got a lot to do with the drinking linked to parties.)
- "having fun or crossing the line" (in sociable situations we sometimes go too far. Do you think that people were making fun of you yesterday? Did some funny comment cross a line? Did you worry that a funny remark was misinterpreted as insulting by someone? Humour constantly tries to push boundaries and its difficult to do this whilst not offending people.)

Dreams are linked to your fantasies. A party dream may express unfulfilled desires. Inside you you are feeling all sociable yet you have no outlet for this. Try not to think of these dreams as being negative and sad. Any unfulfilled eagerness and enthusiasm will be played out in a dream. Your dream may simply mean that you want to get together with friends yet its not been possible. Of course there are many meanings to party dreams.