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Dream symbols - phone

Phone dreams will usually be about some problem with communication - you are wanting to say something or something is not being said

PHONES IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "phone" dream may simply translate into the word "sensing" and the dream capture an everyday thought such as "I sensed that something was wrong yesterday as he was behaving oddly".

In practice phone have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list. Try to write down some quotes which featuring some of the words listed here, which also capture your feelings right now e.g. "He has been sending out some mixed signals".
- "what is he thinking?" (Have you been wondering how someone is thinking? The phone may simply be your minds way of saying "what exactly is he thinking?")
- "sensing" (Have you sensed something wrong in someone close to you? Have they been acting strangely? We communicate not just with words but in the tone of voice and other kinds of body language. Reading such signs is important and dreams may link to our attempts to read someone's body language. This process is very much an art rather than a science. Trying to sense how someone is thinking by reading body language is not easy and is very much guesswork. However, its a very valuable and essential part of human behaviour)
- "missing someone" (Many phone dreams are simply triggered by you missing an ex girlfriend /boyfriend. The dream maybe linked with some regrets. But mainly the dream captures your feelings of loss. It probably also hints that you are not yet ready for another relationship as you are still stuck in the past)
- "telling someone exactly what you think of them" (Sometimes we want to tell people exactly what we think of them. When a relationship has broken up you want to tell the person exactly what you think of them. That person is not there and may actually be avoiding you in life. So a phone dream allows you to express you true feelings)
- "mixed signals" (We devote much energy in trying to read peoples true feelings. Often people send out mixed signals so a phone dream can link to your confusion about someone's mixed signals. A phone dream could also show your desire to clarify your own feelings to someone (you do not want to send out mixed signals))
- "explain your feelings" (Are you wanting to clarify how you think? Do you feel the need to tell someone why you did something? If so then your dream explores that urge to explain yourself. Its a kind of practice and rehearsal.)
- "communicating clearly" (Phones can link to any issue involving communication. Are you wanting to improve your communication with someone? If so your dream explores this desire. In dreams we practice doing the things we want. Such dreams simply mean "I want us to talk things out and him to know how I am feeling")
- "clarifying" (If you were wanting to clarify your thoughts yesterday then the dream could link to this desire)
- "sorting things out" (If there have just been some problems with someone then a phone dream shows your desire to sort thing out)
- "clear the air" (Do you worry that someone is shutting you out? Are they not telling you what's on their mind? Do you feel that some plain talking will help clear the air.)
- "status symbol" (Mobile phones are still status symbols. Teenagers happily parade their new phones. People clamber to get the newest version of a particular phone. So phone dreams can easily be linked to fashion and the wish to gain a certain status.)
- "some thoughts about phones" (Have you bee thinking about phones. A dream need not use phones as abstract symbols. A dream may just link to some thoughts about buying a new phone.)