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Dream symbols - picture

ART IN DREAMS: Studies of dreams have shown that dream symbols can be translated into certain words and phrases which we associate with them. Art in dreams can link to the words "imagination", "picturing" and "recreating". Try to see how these words and concepts which are linked to them feature in your thoughts right now.

- "worrying" (Imagining is often linked directly to worrying. Our imaginations work overtime and we picture how badly things can turn out.)
- "imagination" (Have you been using your imagination. Have you been trying to "imagine what they said" or "how they felt"?)
- "picturing" (Think of conceptual feelings which may link to this meaning e.g. "I can just imagine what they will say", or "I was so happy - the look on his face when he had to admit he was wrong" or "I know what I want - I want us to be happy")
- "recreate" (Have you been trying to recreate something. Think of thoughts linked to the word "recreate" such as "I wanted to recreate the scene in exact detail", "They are very close to finding out. They know exactly how I was thinking and feeling. Soon I will be found out")
- "literal dream" (Of course dreams have can a literal meaning. So if you dream about art then it may just link to your interest in art. Literal meanings could link to thoughts like "I wonder what to paint next", "I will investigate new ways to paint", "we are both interested in art", "I am started to get interested in art especially watercolours". Have you been thinking about art in ways like this? May be your dream is linked directly to these thoughts. Often we get so caught up in abstract meanings that we forget these literal meanings.)
- "everyone seeing someone different" (One thing we associate with art is the phrase "everyone sees something different". So if this type of theme has featured in your thoughts then surely the dream links to that. Think of conceptual thoughts like "I have got to accept that we all have our own point of view" or "I value all their opinions as we all think differently". )
- "genuine quality" (We use the phrase "that is a work of art". Think of ways in which that theme could link to your thoughts. Your dream could link to the following types of thought processes "she is so beautiful" (like a work of art) or "My essay is fantastically well written and I am so proud of it" or "It was a wonderful moment" )

Actually dreams can translate into your thoughts and feelings. Look at the list below and these are very real feelings which are all linked to the symbolic meaning of picture dreams.

- "I was trying to IMAGINE how things will turn out"
- "I keep worrying - PICTURING how badly things could turn out"
- "I was trying to RECREATE it - exactly as it was"