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Dream symbols - pig

He is a complete pig! Who would you describe in this way?

PIGS IN DREAMS: Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance a "pig" dream may simply translate into a word such as "greed" and the dream capture an everyday thought such as "I think he was being rather greedy". In that way your dream your dream pinpoints a key emotion or thought from the day before. We often see dreams as so irrelevant and bizarre yet when understood they may translate into the types of things that we might write in a diary or tell a best friend.

In practice pigs have several symbolic meanings. Here is the full list. Try to think of quotes which capture your key feelings right now but which also feature words listed below e.g. "I am sick of being overworked."
- "greedy" (Do you tend to want everything? Do you not care if others are left with nothing? You maybe realizing your greed)
- "doing too much" (Do you tend to take on too much?)
- "overworked" (Do you tend to work too much?)
- "a sexist male" (Think of someone whom you might call a pig. Your dream maybe a metaphor for your dislike of them)