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Dream symbols - plane

PLANES IN DREAMS : All symbols in dreams can have abstract meanings. Planes can be excellent metaphors for goals and ambitions so if you have been thinking about these then surely your dream may link to that.

- "priorities" (Planes move quickly and so they can symbolise priorities.)
- "ambition" (Planes fly high so they can represent ambitions.)
- "getting started"
- "sudden"

Actually the meanings of dreams can be translated into quotes which capture some important feeling or thought process. Look below at the types of real feelings that dreams can capture.

- "I want to get moving QUICKLY on this"
- "I should get this project STARTED"
- "I need to make this a high PRIORITY"
- "I have been thinking about my AMBITIONS"
- "it could happen very QUICKLY"
- "very SUDDEN"
- "I am going to travel by aeroplane very soon and need to make preparations"

DREAM WORK - Questions to help you interpret your dream
1. Are you going on an flight in the near future?
2. Have you been thinking about your ambitions just recently?
3. Are you wanting to get something moving very quickly?
4. Are you trying to change your priorities?