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Dream symbols - playing

Read through the list of words and phrases as they are all emotions and situations which are all proven to link to "playing" dreams.

PLAYING IN DREAMS:Understanding dreams is not so difficult. In practice dream symbols translate into certain words within the English language. For instance an "playing" dream may simply translate into the word "avoid" and the dream captures the feeling "I really wish to avoid the confrontation there". In practice the full list of key words which relate to this symbol is listed below. Try to see how these words and phrases tap into key emotions right now. Dreams translate into very real and relevant emotions and thoughts.

PLAYING DREAMS - "fun" (Have you been having fun recently? Did you meet a fun person yesterday? We often get caught up in emotions and they will carry on into dreams. Your fund dream may simply capture your fun mood as it spills over into a dream)
- "relaxing" (Have you been trying to relax? Were you in a very relaxed mood yesterday? Have you been able to relax more easily recently? Think of any connection to relaxing which may have triggered a dream)
- "noise and disruption" (Children playing is often associated with noise. Was there an issue involving noise yesterday which may have triggered a dream? Were you woken up by some loud noises which may have been similar to children playing?)
- "enthusiasm" (Were you very enthusiastic about something yesterday? Were you thinking about something that you are really looking forward to tomorrow? Often positive emotions will spill over into dreams. Your dream may just mean "I am really enthusiastic about ...")
- "a new interest" (Have you been captivated by a new interest? Can you think of nothing else? If the answer is yes then your dream simply probably captures your enthusiasm for this)
- "new friendship" (Are you starting to realise how important a new friend is? Did you have a very fun day yesterday with your new friend? Dreams will often notice changes in our lives. A dream could simply marking a moment when you start to appreciate a new friendship.)
- "fond memories" (Dreams can be very emotional and can be set off by anything. An old man may have spent the day thinking over some happy times in the past. Emotions are powerful and we relive these emotions as if they are happening now. )
- "naive" (Dreams will often try to spot the key point of something. Sometimes people can be extremely friendly and enthusiastic yet deep down we spot a naivety in them? Has that been the case recently? Did you suspect that in yourself or others?)
- "a spontaneous friend" (Do you have a spontaneous friend? Did someone do something crazy and unexpected yesterday? The mind craves new things and they can shake up up and make us think)
- "making something interesting" (Are you trying to write an essay or report? Are you trying to express some ideas in an enthusiastic way? If yes then we think through our strategy in dreams. Your dream may simply mean that you are trying to express something so it is interesting for those you are trying to convince)
- "wanting to have fun" (Dreams maybe capture moods. If you have been in a bad mood and wish to relax and have fun then you start to live out those feelings. The dream may capture those strong desires as they try to find an outlet)
- "hypocrisy" (Were you thinking how friendly and nice someone has been? Yet deep down you do not trust them and suspect them of doing something against you?)