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Dream symbols - president

Most presidential dreams will translate into some simple thought such as "he is power mad" or "I need to make a decision".

PRESIDENT IN DREAMS :Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that presidents in practice captures the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "taking charge" (Think of any scenario in which this phrase features e.g. "We really need to get things done" or "I resented him taking charge". The dream simply shows that this theme is important right now. )
- "making decisions" (This is similar to the above meaning. Have you felt the need to make some decisions? If some important decision has to be made then you need to put your presidential hat on.)
- "establishing a principle" (Are you trying to decide the best way to do something?)
- "important decisions" ()
- "power battle" (What do you think of when you think of presidents? Often we read about the power struggles involving politics. Your dream may link to presidential style political struggle within your own life. Who is trying to grab all the power? Are you seeking to grab some power off others? These are situations which will trigger presidential dreams.)
- "people with power" (Were you frustrated with your lack of power yesterday? )
- "a sense of power" (Is someone power crazy? Did you enjoy a sense of power yesterday? Often dreams will translate into situations where similar emotions are felt e.g. "he really enjoyed that little bit of power he has")