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Dream symbols - protect

Think of protection dreams in connection with related emotions and situations such as "supporting", "vulnerable" and "reassuring."

PROTECTION IN DREAMS : Research into the hundreds of dreams has shown that PROTECTION capture the following types of feelings. See how these quotes have caught similar key thoughts in YOUR mind right now.

- "The situation is so dangerous. I am doing as much as possible to PREVENT HARM coming to us"
- "I do not why she was not HELPING AND SUPPORTING me"
- "I do not want to be seen as VULNERABLE and unable to survive on my own "
- "Things have been so bad for me in my life recently"
- "I FEEL A LOT STRONGER and safer because ..."
- "She is truly a nasty woman and I do not like being near her"
- "I really do not like being around such people"
- "I was thankful for her REASSURING PRESENCE"
- "My baby son is so vulnerable and NEEDS WATCHING every moment"
- "Its so IMPORTANT TO ME and I have to keep those thoughts alive"
- "I think secretly he has some DOUBTS"
- "I am trying to protect people from my own worst habits and tendencies"